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Current Discount: Expedited Reviews Discounted to $80.00.

Our YouTube Views Are over 27 Million! We have more than 18,000 subscribers on YouTube and Many Thousands of Social Media followers on 2 FaceBook & 2 Twitter Accounts. We use another half-dozen social media venues for your promotion.

Apps We Review: is very selective regarding apps to be reviewed. Quality apps featuring some area of education, be it primary, arts, social skills, etc., are preferred. Many games have an educational value such improving motor skills.  It’s difficult to get a feel for a quality app from looking at a screenshot, it takes video to bring the app to life.  We’ve even had parents tell us they will play the review video for their child prior to purchase, to gauge their reaction. Developers can use the videos in their own promotion spots!

Media Production:

Video reviews give our readers a true feel for your app in action and if it’s right for their child. All video is recorded in uncompressed HD on the same pro gear used in professional production and uploaded to youtube in 1080p HD for the best possible quality. Videos can be yours, upon request,  for use in other promotions.

Start The Request:

If you feel your app is a good fit for our site please send an email. We receive many requests each day. Once we have looked at your app we will contact you and let you know if we will be reviewing your app. In some cases, the app may not be a good fit for our site, or we may offer suggestions for improvement. We look forward to working with you. Please include:

  1. Promo Code, If you do not have a promo code we can work with you on alternatives
  2. App Name
  3. App link from iTunes Store

Email: we will normally get back to you within 2 – 5 days 

The wait list for apps that are not expedited is currently 4-6 months.  The option to expedite (after it is chosen to review) is to help our developers coordinate a release date that coincides with the app release or an update. We have many developers that are hugely talented and concise as to their app’s promotional programs and we are happy to accommodate them via the expedite process, there is a $95 expedite fee payable via PayPal. Expedited reviews contain a link to your website, FaceBook, and Twitter in the “Meet The Developer” interview segment. They also include social media promotion. 

Expedited Reviews Currently Discounted to $80.00.

Our YouTube Views Are over 27 Million! We have more than 18,000 subscribers on YouTube and Thousands of Social Media followers on multiple venues for your promotion.