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Pop Bubble Pop is a great new twist on bubble pop apps! Presented to us by Appshen Limited.

Dear developers, my kid team is out of town so you will easily see I am a rookie! LOL

You are popping pigs, balloons, sheep and more But don’t pop the toxic bubbles! The toxic bubbles are the mean old bad guys of the Pop Bubble Pop world!

The more of the same type of bubbles you pop, the higher your points! The flying saucer is a special bonus – it moves fast so watch out for it!

You can play this alone or set up a multimedia game with a leader board.

The levels get more challenging as you go! Very enticing as kids love a challenge.

Great graphics and scenery to work in!

This app has Universal functionality, allowing for play on both the iPhone and iPad

The info on the options.

Proof that I need practice!

Great scenery to scroll through!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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