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2/21/19 An awesome update to this app! Two more magical locations to explore. Ancient Ruins and a magical Underwater Discovery site. Check out the top two videos. Lots of family fun and story building opportunities for families and classrooms.


Dr. Panda Town Vacation is the place to practice all those things kids may end up doing over the summer break. Go camping or sailing. Take a hike in the snow or pick an island to soak up the sun & water fun.

Caution: This app is an imagination sparker ūüôā There are many things to be learned while vacationing¬†and bonds that become stronger when shared with family and friends. We recommend that parents and caregivers sit down and play Vacation with your kids.

There are 30 characters to join in the fun. Pick your location!¬† A deep forest, a snowy mountain, relaxing beach, and much more! You might even want to stay on the ship and enjoy the spa ūüėȬ†You can also pull in other characters from Dr. Panda Town.

There are no 3rd party ads in this app. There is a one-time package price to have all that is needed for countless hours of play. See the videos below to enjoy the high-end graphics and audio as well as the ease of play.

Be sure to check out the game designer’s comments below. Lot’s of heart went into this app ūüėČ Check out our search box (upper right) to see many other video reviews of apps by Dr. Panda. Just type in ‘Dr. Panda’. In the¬†meantime:








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Meet The Developers!

devpandaGame designer Mark Calugay:

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. I’ve always wanted to go! My wife has been many times before we were married. There are small parts in each scene that is from experience and also from consuming other forms of media.
There are parts from Indiana Jones in there. There are some interactions from Pirates of the Caribbean and Little Mermaid
There are even interactions from Star Wars
Of course, the kids probably won’t get the pop-culture references but hey I’m sure the parents would definitely.

What was your favorite aspect of your app?

I really love the freedom. This is unlike what we’ve done previously like the street or the mall. This game is completely out there with complete freedom to do anything in huge places. We haven’t done a lot of outdoor scenes besides the Park and the Street. This game is basically 89% outdoor scene. I also really love how we were able to put different times like day and night in the game. I think the next milestone for us is to have different weather phenomena like thunderstorms and snow storms.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?¬†Yeah, there is one thing! I hope they enjoy all the special places we’ve created and hope that whatever story that they’ve created with the previous games that they can continue those stories by going on a little vacation.

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