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Kids love Halloween and free play year-round. This app is sure to provide endless entertainment while stimulating the imagination. There is a button that will sweep each island clean and let you start all over. Each island is an individual game so there is a charge. We have decided to review the newest island in its paid version.

Check out the videos below to see how you can create new potions and cast spells to have new characters materialize. Move along and dress them up as you please. Lots of fun to be had in the band area as well!

Free play apps go along way in expanding creativity and improvisation abilities. There are no rules and there is no right or wrong but parents and caregivers are encouraged to play along.

It’s not just a Halloween app as you can see by the other islands. Please consider gifting these islands to your favorite teachers throughout the holidays. Gifting apps is something that is very much appreciated by our teachers and enables them to share with so many kids!

Don’t miss the developer interview below! These people are most inspiring.

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

Fairy Tales! We’ve been working with dollhouse-like digital toys for a couple of years now and after the tremendous success of Pepi Hospital and Pepi Super Stores, we were looking for a new setting. That’s when we realized, that there are almost no games in this genre, that would be entirely set in fantasy worlds. So we thought on a series of games that would mimic fairy tales from different time periods and cultures. This idea later evolved, especially when we realized, that modern tales are really different from the old ones and we really wanted to put it all into the mix. So after releasing the King’s Castle app, we went back to the drawing board to figure out the way to offer more ways to inspire young storytellers. That’s when we realized, that the first thing we must do is abandon the idea of the series and really put all of our planned games into a single package. Thus Pepi Wonder World was born, our most ambitious undertaking yet. Our world has three Islands right now: Kings Castle inspired by ye olde medieval stories, Dragon’s Mountain reminiscent of Tolkienistic fantasy tales and Witch Island a perfect mix between old and new. We have your regular witch, but there’s also her niece, mischevious young sorceress that runs her own gang of slimy and weird monsters :D.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

We love how it expands and grows over time. For us it’s a mind-blowing opportunity to really let our artistic juices flow. We don’t have to re-imagine home appliances anymore, we just create new, weird stuff, because everything is possible in fairy tale worlds. And there’s another aspect — player feedback. We see and hear all those stories that kids create and send us emails, screenshots or posts it on Youtube. It’s super fascinating to see our own work evolve in the hands of kids and of course, it brings us tons of new ideas!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Our family joined the vibrant community of App developers years ago and we did that simply because we wanted to make an app for our own kid. This is the story behind our first game Pepi Bath and now, almost 8 years later, we are still driven by the same desire. With Pepi Bath we set some rules for our work and one of them is: Our apps should be toys, not games. It means that we always look to make an app that will be used to play, most preferably together with parents, or siblings. In other words, we believe that apps for kids should be used as regular toys, they shouldn’t be intrusive or attempt to rule child’s schedule. Our key goal with every app is to provide context for play and homeschooling activities by crafting apps without any pre-set goals or progression, leaving these important choices to the player. It’s our toy, but it’s your game. Every time.

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