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An amazing new educational iBook textbook!  Covering life from the beginning of known life over 3.8 million years ago!   Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life covers evolution of all forms.  It is brought to us by DK Publishing.

Amazing tools are in these iBooks.  There are videos that you can zoom out to full screen,  3D images that you can zoom out and explore with one finger, slide shows that zoom when you want and show you so much more than a normal book could hold.  You have the ability to highlight your chosen text and make a note to save for study time.  All of your facts to study in one neat place!

The intuitiveness and the graphics in these information packed iBooks are amazing.

Please Note: This is a classroom textbook with no audio.


This video covers the introduction, scrolling through chapters, zooming slides, and highlighting text for notes.

Slide shows, 3D images to manipulate, and movie examples can be seen here.

Fantastic movies, slide shows, and more!

See at the end how to unhighlight text.  Tap the highlighted area and tap the white button with the red line.

T-rex: Dino Games For Kids Free, Puzzle, Matching Game & Sounds – Janos Kiss

This iBook is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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  1. Naughty quad
    Naughty quad01-27-2012

    I just bought this for my son and download to an iPad 2 and it keeps shutting itself off when we change to a new page, we quickly went from very excited to very disappointed ! Any ideas?

  2. Mary


    I have not seen that. Is your iPad 2 updated to IOS 5? It must be to run these books.
    Also, press power button twice and check bottom bar. You may have many apps running in the background that you can turn off. Just hold one till it jiggles and you will see the minus sign-tap it and you close the app.
    I hope that helps! Keep in Touch!

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