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The Aeir Talk App is truly a gift!  We may not know for quite some time the numbers of people that benefit from it. People who cope with Autism and other communication challenges!

Update – This free app is priceless!

The Aeir Talk App is designed by  Joe Hill, a Dad who had a vision to use the iPad in groundbreaking new ways for education.  After meeting with Zack Miller of  We Are Titans, they realized they shared the same vision. Aeir Biologic was born.  A company with a vision to create high quality educational apps at a price within the reach of every family.  Not only did they produce a fantastic app, the story behind it is heartwarming!

Aeir TALK enables autistic children to practice language skills using flash card like pictures.  The very special part is that you can upload your own pictures, whether verb or nouns, and record your voice to describe them.  This is a very comforting and enticing feature for a child with challenges!

In addition, as suggested by some doctors, Aeir Talk can assist stroke victims in relearning language.  There is also the ability to upload your voice in another language for your kids to learn!

My mind wanders to other possible benefactors, one who is hospitalized and temporarily can not speak due to tubes or jaws wired! Every toddler can benefit from the gift of Aeir Talk.  It is very rewarding to provide our kids the best technology has to offer them. Remember caregivers and parents that you can record your own voice on the phrases as well as the verbs and nouns.  You can rerecord if you choose 🙂

Please check out the developer story below this is one of my favorites. It’s absolutely a great tool for your kids’ toolbox for life!

This is in the original voice – this app makes it intuitive to record your familiar voice, forming a truly personal connection!

See how easy it is to add your own pictures!


You can add your kid’s room, toys, backyard…!!


There are No Limits!

Take out a noun or verb if you choose – just swipe and delete!

Aeir Talk – ciramax

Meet The Developers!

We sat down with Joe Hill and Zack Miller, from Aeir BioLogic, to give you some unique insight on how this app came to be.

What was the initial inspiration for Aeir TALK?

My two sons who had autism. I saw the oldest playing angry birds and was trying to touch objects on the tv, (like when he was playing on the iPad) to try and make  them work and I knew that if they could tap on words and hear them, they could learn that way. ~ Joe Hill

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

That I can record my voice,  parents can record their own voice and that children are able to hear a familiar voice.~ Joe Hill

 Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

There is no limit to this app, you can create any card you want. Whether its facial recognition, actions, colors, numbers, you name it.  The sky is the limit, be who you are and see where it’s gonna take you. ~ Joe Hill

I wanted to answer the last one too. — This app wasn’t created by just anyone with an idea, it was by a father who was trying to help his children learn. By a father who would do anything to help communicate with his children.  He saw a need and wanted to develop a tool that anyone could afford, not the hundred or thousands of dollar tools that don’t have the interaction that Aeir Talk has. Joe went above the call to help all those in need.  ~ Zack Miller


This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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  1. jean Davis
    jean Davis01-11-2012


  2. Mary

    Hi there, I have only been working on Apple. I will present this to the developer for you 🙂

  3. Mary

    Hi Jean,

    This is what I got back from the developer –

    At the moment we have no launch planned for Android or the Kindle Fire in the immediate future. We are investigating any and all avenues for potential distribution however, and will keep our followers informed with any future launches.

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. James

    Oh that’s terrible no android. My son is on the autism spectrum and this sounds like an incredible learning tool. Does anyone know of a comparable Android app? Anyone want to trade a Acer for IPAD. =)

    Best Wishes

    • Mary

      Hi James,

      Thank you for your input. I have enjoyed our email interactions and will keep you posted.

      Fingers crossed on the Apple Education Event in NY this month!

      We never know where are next blessing will appear!


  5. kristy

    i am thankful for his invention. i pray apps can come out quickly for the i pod touch and android. most people can,t afford the ipad

    • Mary

      Hi Kristy,

      The developer is planning to expand usability on this great app. The developer is a Dad and working hard to fit all that in with life in general as well. It will take some time.

      I imagine others will come in with similar apps as well 🙂

  6. Chris

    I don’t normally do reviews but I have to on this one. I was extremely disappointed with the product. There was a very small amount of ‘cards’ that came with the app. It would of been nice to have more cards so that my kids could of started out using the app right away without spending alot of time adding more for the intitial use. They got very bored with it right away. I don’t think most people are going to spend hours adding a bunch of images and audio rather they would add a few here and there as their child uses the product. I emailed them expressing my concerns and really didn’t get any help. There is no ‘how to video’ on there website, not even an email address. There is minimal info on customizing the product inside the app itself. They sent me to a website with a few supposed ‘how to’ videos on it that were absolutely no help at all.
    This seems to be a product with very little thought and effort put into it. More of a rush to get it to market. This could be a great product with the right TLC. There are only 2 buttons with functions other than a verb or noun and they get very tiresome. “I want to’ and ‘please’ ( For all I know, there could be a way to add more but? where’s the info?) When you do record your own voice there is a huge lag. So much so that it doesn’t have any flow with the sentence.
    I would recomment waiting to see if they ‘finish’ this product and actually show it in use before I shell out the money ($20 which is quite a bit compared to the apps available).I would spend the money on what the app ‘could’ of been in a heartbeat.

    Bottom line. Awesome idea… poor planning and development. Cudos to the father. I would of loved to of done something like this for my kids.


    • Mary

      Hi Chris,

      I am sorry you are frustrated with the app. It was designed to be personalized by the adults for a reason. Children with disabilities identify most with their caregivers voice, as well as their home settings.
      It becomes most effective when you upload family pictures and pictures of their pets, rooms, toys, favorite foods, etc.
      It took some practice for me to get the recording right too! I had no idea my voice was so loud – lol.
      I then realized I needed to relax and sit back from the mic and speak naturally. The timing on recording took a few mintes practice too.
      It requires parent input and I see that as the key to success. I know it’s a busy world for all of us but sometimes slowing down for what is most important is the best spent time.
      Feel free to email me if you hit a snag – maybe I can help 🙂

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