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appicon-152Learn Programming with Visual Blocks is a fantastic tool for all of our little developers! Your kids will be playing with puzzles while learning the concept of programming in the form of building blocks. Kids drag and drop visual blocks to build a program. This entertaining format makes it easy to get started with programming, in a colorful and enticing manner. In the side bar kids can tap for tips as well as the option to turn the sound on or off. Kids love a challenge and this app arms them with tools that will become very valuable as they progress. The adventure story theme unfolds puzzle by puzzle, assuring countless hours of enjoyment!

Skills such as logic,  spatial orientation, problem solving, and more are mastered while kids are having a great time!  Higher levels include complex geometric shapes created using simple commands.

This is an ideal app for Teachers and Parents to have in their toolbox! The free version is available in the link below with in app purchases to expand. The developer included Parental Gates for the in app purchases. We chose to demonstrate the app as a whole, in the paid version. The videos will give you a look into a fraction of the opportunities for hours of creativity and learning for your kids.

The Puppy Adventure, with 20 puzzle levels, is available for free!

The Lost in Space – Biff Crash Landed – Help Him Out!

Sketch Racer 1! Letters and Shapes!

Sketch Racer 2! Color Shapes!

Sketch Racer 2! Create a Mirror Image with Two More Blocks!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Chief Architect!

Kelvin-Chong-TynkerKelvin Chong, Chief Architect and co-founder at Tynker

What was the initial inspiration for your app?
I believe learning programming is very important for children, but traditional coding languages will easily put them off! Tynker’s mission is to make coding easy and fun for kids. We have several starting points for kids to kids to learn this skill like self-paced courses, online puzzles and games, courses created just for schools, and also summer camps and after-school programs.
The iPad app is a natural extension, to make the learning even more easy and fun (kids learn to code by solving fun puzzles!).
What is your favorite aspect of your app?
Most definitely the immersive storyline. The app has adventure themes, so you can’t just do 1 puzzle – you get hooked to see what happens next in the story! Also we’re happy that kids seem to understand the blocks without much of explanation, and get right into it quickly.
Is there anything else you would like your readers to know?
I want to add that kids will have a lot of fun with the app, but they won’t probably realize ithe serious learning that is going on in parallel. We have developed these apps with a structured learning path, teaching programming concepts like sequences, repetition, and conditional logic, and building computational thinking skills like logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and problem solving. It’s a win-win for parents and kids – learn while having fun.

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