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This is a great book app.  Striding Bird is determined not to let the wind push him around anymore.  He walks everywhere and builds a home in a log.  He is very happy until a storm comes along and ruins his home.  You will have to get the app to understand the wonderful lessons that Striding Bird learns from this difficult time.

This is a great book for opening a dialogue on gratitude, flexibility, happiness, and many other life skills.

To change the page tap the bottom center.  When you are ready to hear that page press the microphone button.  Don’t forget to tap and see how the wind blows him in the tree or tap in some lightning as the storm rages through. Tap all around for more surprises!

This app is presented to us by Comicorp

Striding Bird has had it with Flying!


He learns some very valuable lessons soon!

Striding Bird – An Interactive Tale for kids, families and educators – Comicorp
This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet the developer!

Developer/Artist – Wenpo Sun: I am a multimedia artist and have been working as an app developer for enterprise for a couple of years. I have a Bachelor Degree in Games and Graphics Programming and am currently undergoing a number of personally funded projects focused mainly on artistic ideas.

Writer – Stephanie Yap: Stephanie is a career writer with an interest in writing fictional stories with deep meaningful messages.

 What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I especially like how the app perfectly mixes all the elements (music, animation, interaction, story) together to create a storytelling environment that is more than a book, more than just an animation, but an evolved an involved way for a user to experience a story. Personally I’m especially happy with the music composition and how it fits well with the narrative and art style.

What was the initial inspiration for  Striding Bird?

Two elements lead to the inspiration for Striding Bird. The first was dealing with happiness in our own daily lives. Understanding what it meant to be happy and learning from reading books on philosophy and life. The second was a nice afternoon walk where we noticed a bird Striding along, with a proud posture as if it were saying “look at me, how proud I am to walk like this”. The idea evolved from there.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Striding Bird is an original story with original music and illustrations. It has a deep meaning and delivers a fundamental message on living life and being happy. It is a story that all people can relate to and basically sums up our long journey understanding our own lives and the meaning of it. It is great for all ages young and old.

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