Monkey Math School Sunshine | Kids App


Another great THUP LLC app for kids. The irresistible monkey is joined by a sweet little sea turtle! An example of the best quality apps with the ability to entice and educate kids! This is a joyful app, much like Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. It covers addition and subtraction as well as several other much needed skills. This app review was fun to do!

Just slide the numbers into place and enjoy the fun!


  The colorful little creatures bring so much life to this app.


Kids will feel like they are at the beach!

Monkey Math School Sunshine – THUP Games

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  1. Susan M
    Susan M09-17-2011

    Thanks so much for the videos! My kids enjoyed them too. That is a great little monkey 🙂
    They wanted the app right away.

  2. Mary

    Thank you Susan! It is our pleasure and I agree – that monkey is adorable!
    We really want you to see the video 🙂

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