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PandaPetWorldDr. Panda Pet World App is a new opportunity for a boatload of fun! Kids and Pets? It’s a winner right out of the gate 😉 It gets more interesting when kids realize they can actually hatch their own pets.  If pets get a bit overwhelmed at the Theme Park – no worries – Just stop by the Pet Hospital and all will be well.  Visit the Castle and play with Magic Potions & Cast a Spell.

This type of free-play app is an amazing dialogue opener. Play right along with your little ones or just sit back and ask a few questions. You may be amazed at their thoughts any aspirations and further enable them in their chosen paths.

The app allows for sharing characters from other Dr. Panda apps. Please use our search feature (upper right corner) and just type in Dr. Panda. You will see many apps to preview and including kids in those previews will help you gauge their areas of interest.

Note on the fun – there are secret passages and hatching pets can include Dragons and Unicorns! My favorites in this app, for sure. This app is a bargain that can provide countless hours of entertainment as well and sparking those young imaginations.

As always, there are no 3rd party ads and the Parent Setting section puts you in charge. The app is free to download with in-app purchases protected by parent gates. See our Parents page for tips on security.

Please be sure to read the Meet The Developers segment below. Gain insight into the talent and dedication of this group of awesome developers.


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Meet The Developers! 

What was your initial inspiration for this app?

Jurassic World. Really, the whole idea of a theme park game was really something that I had wanted to do for a long while. Our stakeholders wanted to play it safe and create something easily well known like Farm or Downtown but I pitched them a concept that I knew would expand the kid’s imaginations beyond what they are used to seeing. So that’s where it started. Jurassic World.

What’s your favorite aspect?

Definitely the mythical creatures. We spent a lot of time trying to perfect that to give the players a chance to really create their own. We knew that it would cause some kind of confusing in the beginning because we’ve never had to hatch pets before. After a lot of time and convincing, we finally arrived at an interaction that felt great to the user and also looks great.

Is there anything else you like to say to our readers?

I’m really glad to see all the people playing and enjoying the game. It’s inspiring that many people keep coming back to see what’s new. One of the biggest challenges as a designer is trying to predict what the user wants it’s awesome that people post comments for ideas and suggestions so please keep it up!

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