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GeoKids-USA-IconGeoKids is presented to us by Alexandre Minard. This developer has a great handle on what makes kids want to learn. As kids love competition and challenge, this is their app for Geography in the USA. The games will keep them coming back for more. Progress is rewarded along the way with trophies, troops, and stars!

The Adventure, Learning, and Challenge modes will have kids learning at every step. They will easily learn Capitals, Flags, Seals, Population and area sizes. Big city locations, Lakes, Rivers, Parks, Deserts, Mountains, and national points of interest are all covered as well.

Another feature is “Conquer the world”:
Each right answer gives you a troop, each time you complete an achievement, you win troops.
With these troops, you can conquer the world, country by country! Check out the videos below to see the many facets of this app.

You now have the ability to print capitals, parks, flags and more! Be sure to check out the new ‘Print’ feature in the learning mode.

Parents and educators with love the results of quality time their kids spend with this app!

You can enter multiple profiles for group or family fun, especially when it’s time to travel!

Heads up! Alexandre Minard is releasing a new app soon – watch for the review!


Teacher alert: This is a perfect app for the classroom!

Create a profile & Challenge Mode!

Adventure Mode – Locate Capitals!

GeoKids Big Cities!

Conquer The World!


This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

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What was the initial inspiration for  your app?
Geography can be complex for kids (and also for adults).
So we looked for a way to provide a global and detailed view of U.S. Geography for all.


What is your favorite aspect of your app?
The 3 game modes (adventure, learning and challenge).
They cover the same topics in different ways, so that you have fun (and you learn at the same time).
In learning mode, you can train yourself on all topics.
In adventure mode, you test your knowledge gradually.
In challenge mode, you have to be as accurate as possible to complete the levels.
Player profiles are also important: the whole family can play, each member with its own profile. That’s a good way to view and compare progression of everybody.
Our latest favorite feature is the printing part.
You can print  the U.S. map with (or without) the capitals, the rivers, the deserts, the mountains, the lakes. You can also print the flags and the seals.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
With GeoKids USA, Kids will have a global and a detailed view of the U.S. Geography.
This app is part of a global collection of Geography and History apps.
All apps are complementary and will extend your knowledge with fun.
They are all designed for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.
And thanks to iCloud and profiles, you can start a game on a device and continue on another one.


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