I Love Mountains | Kids Mountain Facts App


The I Love Mountains app is clearly a labor of love that Sloan Graham has created. I Love Mountains was fashioned in a kid friendly format that shares a wealth of information about mountain formation and the location of some magnificent mountains! The book app also goes into detail on plant life and wildlife that live in the mountains. The format is enticing for kids and done in a kid voice, which makes it even more effective. You interact with the app to bring some of the highlights to the surface!
This app is presented to us by Forest Giant, Inc.

The Earth’s Makeup and Volcano Formation!

Mountain Formation and it’s Inhabitants!

Tap and Identify Major Mountains!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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  1. #fourlittletesters

    This book is so lovingly made, and takes you through the fascinating journey and history of mountains. The narration is clear and clean from ‘Sloan’ the main character. The interaction is simple and effective and we now know heaps more about mountains!! A fantastic book to add to our iPad collection.

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