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LearningThe Learning Cloud” game is a very enticing and interactive app. The background scenes vary with the levels and the graphics are beautiful! Kids can tap away on the right answer and receive positive reinforcement with each one. Once ten stars are collected the game will move to a new level. This is an entertaining way to learn and memorize letters and numbers. Kids can choose to play the Mix option in which both letters and numbers will fall from the cloud.

There are levels of each game and the speed of the falling answers can be adjusted in the settings. This makes it a great app for kids at different levels of skill sets! In addition to being a great app for home and Preschool, Learning Cloud Game is a great Teacher Tool for reinforcing classroom lessons and constructive free time.  The following videos demonstrate the options and levels to choose from. Learning Cloud Game is presented to us by Mukul Pal.

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Easy Level Numbers!

Letter and Numbers!

Level Four Numbers!

Learning CLoud – Karan Checker

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

TheLearningCloud-MukulPhotoWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

I have a 3 year old nephew Krishnav, who is really close to my heart. We have played many of his learning games together and both of us have tons of fun and the best part is that along fun, he learns new things along the way. Also my wife and I love observing nature and feel seasons and nature – the sun, the moon, rain and snow etc. are all familiar everyday phenomena’s that attract even children from the time they are quite young. And most kids I have met love playing outside in the middle of it all.

Watching a gorgeous spring day laced with floating white clouds and a bright sun; just watching fall colors at a park; enjoying a great cup of coffee with some apple pie and watching the snow fall are some of the favorite things we do as a family. So I felt it would be great fun for children to have nature intertwined with learning numbers and alphabets into one app. This prompted me to create learning cloud where we wanted all young kids to have fun learning numbers and alphabets and at the same time enjoy various elements from nature and introduce them to the concept of different seasons as an added bonus.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

My favorite aspect of the app is when I hear the various encouraging adjectives like Bravo, excellent, good job etc. after the correct answer is selected. Also the app collects a star at the top of the page for every correct answer. After 10 stars you move on to the next level. I feel it’s very engaging for kids at the young age as they want to learn more because their initial effort was appreciated. Everyone loves appreciation and kids are no different. But I have also made sure that we encourage them even if they make the wrong choice by saying “try another time “ or “ Try one more time “ etc. because they are still learning and needs lots of encouragement.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I spend a lot of time with my nephew and did try my best to think like him when designing the interfaces and this helped me create an app that would be fun and engaging for most of the young kids. My main goal was to provide a learning platform, but at the same time keep kids engaged with the visual imagery, vocals, colors and levels available. Fortunately touch screens in Ipads and tablets has made this multi-sensory approach a reality.

We have a free trial version of the app (where you can use the fully functional application and try out various settings as well as levels) and also a fully functional paid app, which is priced at $ 0.99. Finally my team and I greatly appreciate all the customers who have bought the application or downloaded a free version to try it. All of your support means a lot to us. Let the Learning begin with FUN!

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