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Wee Trains, presented to us by Wee Taps, is a kid’s app with all of the basics for your 2-5-year-old covered in a playful and imaginative fashion. Recognition of shapes, colors, music, and animals, are all part of the fun within the mini-games. There are no instructions, which is perfect for that age group. Kids intuit more than we do at times. ..

One of our favorite segments allows kids to color and decorate, then play with, their own train engines. There are lots of stickers to choose from too. In addition, there are over 100 trains to pick from once you start collecting the flying tickets 🙂 Just grab the tickets along the way to unlock new engines, carriages, stickers, and levels!

There are 10 different worlds to travel through with your trains. Several earth scenes, outer space, and underwater worlds are sure to entice kids to keep coming back.

This app is ad free and kid-safe allowing for a worry-free educational and fun experience. One of our videos shows how to turn off the ‘featured apps’ link easily within the Parent section. Thank you, developer 🙂

Teachers, this would be a great classroom app for practice or reward time. Parents, in addition to home use, this app makes a nice holiday gift for your kid’s preschool or kindergarten teacher. Perhaps, gift a package of apps for your favorite teachers. Check out the videos and use them to gauge your kid’s interest:

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Meet The Developer!

devweetaps-336Our team (Left: Alain Hufkens, Right: Paddy Donnelly)

What was the initial inspiration for your app?
We try to have ‘Build & Play’ games, where you get to customize your own train and then play some levels with it. This allows kids to be creative by decorating their trains any way they want, but then they get to complete some shape, color, number and other puzzles afterward. Our developer’s little boy is obsessed with trains though, so he was pushing for us to make a game with trains for a while. We had to be very accurate when designing mini versions of his favorite trains. 🙂

What is your favorite aspect of your app?
We love the crazy levels in our app. You can drive your train underwater, in a spooky castle, in the desert or even on the moon! Also, we love the workshop feature where you can paint your engine and cover it in stickers.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
We’re working on a really fun new app for kids. It will be story-driven and is our most ambitious app yet, so keep an eye on us!
— Paddy


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