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Those amazing folks at Dr. Panda Ltd have done it again! Hoopa City 2 enables kids in so many ways. When we’re not having a blast testing this app, we clearly see it as a tool for our future architects, city planners, designers, and others who dream big :-), and another ‘Best App For Kids’.

This app will provide many hours of creative playtime while kids build, explore, revamp and discover!
Zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and explore inside every building. Place your chosen citizens inside any structure and show them what to do.

Kids will easily build the roads, parks, ponds, and change scenes from day to night. Using 8 elements in many combinations, they can build over 60 buildings! Unlocking new buildings creates even more features to work with. The sky is the limit, so kids can build to their heart’s content. Movie theaters, office buildings, airports, libraries, museums, and many more buildings are there for each new city that’s planned.

Teachers: This app would make a fantastic group project for several elementary grades. Parents: Check out the videos below for just a taste of all this app has to offer and please remember to let the kids play too.

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Meet The Developers!

devpandaJeffrey Uppelschoten, Lead Game Designer for Hoopa City 2

Yan Lin, Co-founder and COO for Dr. Panda

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

Jeffrey: Hoopa City was designed with creativity in mind. From the early stages of planning the game concept, we wanted to focus on having a creative space where kids could explore building and drawing up a city. Our very first idea was to focus on painting and coloring on an empty ‘canvas’ that would then transform into different kinds of buildings.

Lin: We love how games like Minecraft allow older kids and adults to create a world of their imagination, and wanted to create a similar experience for younger kids, without a complicated interface and structure. That’s how we were inspired to create the original Hoopa City. And as for the name, it was chosen because Hoopa (the hippo) has always been our builder and we immediately loved the sound of ‘Hoopa City’.


What is your favorite aspect of your app?

Jeffrey: I really loved designing the interior of the buildings. So for me, my favorite feature has to be the roleplay aspects within each building. Especially the fun interactions that’s found in the museum – I won’t reveal the secret, but it’s definitely something fun for kids to see!

Lin: I really like the thinking behind all of the building combinations. We got a great amount of support from fans with the original Hoopa City, from people sharing what buildings they discovered to making a guide featuring how-to unlock every building.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Lin: There are still quite a lot of possibilities that we want to explore and expand on in Hoopa City 2, and are cooking up new buildings to add in possible updates for Hoopa City 2. We’re also looking into concepts to bring more fun games to 6-8 years old under the ‘Hoopa’ line, most of them will be related to logical thinking and building.

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