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Pre-School Phonic Crosswords App was created by the same people who brought us Pre-School Classroom. Once again, we this app is enticing, colorful, and intuitive. There are five segments of play Single 3 letter word puzzles, Double 3 letter word puzzles, two word puzzles, Single 4 letter word puzzles, Number word puzzles, and free play. When a level is completed, kids win a prize! If kids get stuck, there is a hint button on the right. When tapped you will see the letters in the empty boxes. You can also sign up for a free crossword activity pack. That will be emailed for printing. It is to encourage kids to use those pencils and crayons for more real life practice. This app is presented to us by The Pre School Apps Academy and designed with teachers & early childhood development experts.

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet  The Developer!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

When we became an ‘iPad enabled family’ I realised how engaging and intuitive this technology was to my 4 year old twins.  With a background in software delivery, two willing and able ‘testers’ by name of Lily & Alfie, along with access to great teaching resources and early childhood development experts I had everything in place to create some fun and engaging apps which target core learning objectives.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I love the simplicity of this app, the child hears, identifies and can recognise the phonic sound made by each letter.  They are shown how these letters are formed into simple words, this provides a core foundation for early years reading skills.  The child is rewarded by earning points for each word completed and gets a prize for each level once finished.  My children loved this reward aspect and it kept them playing and learning!  The App can function on different difficulty levels by use of the hint function.  This allows younger players to complete the puzzles with help, where as older children can complete the word puzzles without assistance.  Another great aspect of the game is Level 5 which allows free letter and word play.  This level can be used by the child to write out their own short words or parents can work with their child to write then read back any other short word.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

As much as I love this technology for helping children learn while they are having fun as I parent I also know the importance of keeping children busy and active with good old fashioned pen and paper to help their hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills needed for writing practise.  As such all customers are invited to sign up to receive FREE activity packs via email which can be printed at home.   This App comes with the option to receive a short pack of animal crossword puzzles to support the learning objectives of the game and gives your child the chance to write out the letters they have been learning about.  I hope you and your child enjoy!

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