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The Barn Owl is much more than a great iBook. A lesson or reminder for all parents and caregivers on the many teaching styles and what works for kids. Poetry, rhyming, is a fantastic tool to help kids remember, and enjoy, the lesson at hand! This poem is written in anapestic tetrameter. We just love it as we remember teaching our kids names, address, and phone number to a song. A jingle that makes it fun just like a poem!

Check out the videos to glimpse this iBook’s features and quality. Zoom and Enjoy, Bookmark, Turn Reading On or Off, Adjust Contrast and More! A gift to us from  Kathy L. Hans

The Barn Owl Poem!

Bookmarking, Searching and More!

Control Brightness, Turn Reading On and Off!

Zoom & Study the Owl & Hear Owl Facts!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

What was the initial inspiration for your app/iBook?

I watched a great blue heron hunt in the field behind my house in the Fall and Spring when the ground was wet from the rains. I decided to write a poem about the bird in celebration of the arrival of my first two grandchildren, Kaiya and Harrison. This was beginning of the “Animal Tales” series, which includes The Barn Owl. I also decided to include facts about each animal in the series to build an awareness of the connections between the animal and its environment. I learned a lot doing the research for these facts.

What is your favorite aspect of this app/ iBook?

The “Read and Listen” format for iBooks on iTunes seemed like a perfect fit for this series. My favorite aspect is the word highlighting in sync with the voice narration. This is great for reading aloud to young children and for older children who are learning to read. The screen resolution on the iPad is also ideal for the photographs that accompany the poem and the facts.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I’ve spent many years volunteering as a “Booklegger” for the library, reading stories aloud in local elementary classrooms. I know that rhyming verse is especially compelling for children. I chose anapestic tetrameter for the poems as it has a lively, fun rhythm. I think these “Read and Listen” iBooks can also be very useful for English language learners.

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