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‘Picaro Play’ is a fully  interactive story-book app! Picaro Play includes  games and great rainy day ideas on each page.  This is the story of Kim and Peter Picaroon who go out to play, but the weather challenges their day. Children learn about weather, clothing and colours as they get involved in the story. Kids wardrobe the Picaroons, help them splash in the puddles, play in the park and have fun with their friends. There is a spelling game, word games, a puzzle, and a beat the clock game! You can even record your own narration. Best surprise is that the app is free! This app is presented by Kaplan International Colleges.

 How to Have Fun in the Rain?!

Everything is Very Wet!

Beat The Clock!

Learn and Play in the Rain!

Record Your Own Voice!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?
We wanted to create an app that would entertain children, while also being educational, with a particular focus on English-language learning. Our goal at Picaro and Kaplan International Colleges is to help improve English skills around the world, and we thought that creating an interactive storybook app featuring spelling and word games, as well as tap-and-read objects, would help children to recognise more English vocabulary. We wanted to make sure our app was fun and engaging, so we worked hard to create an everyday storyline that children could relate to, while also incorporating game elements that allows children to experiment with letters and words. And of course, we tested our various theories and early attempts on our staff’s children, who always provide the ultimate inspiration!

What is your favourite aspect of your app?

Although we love the whole app – from the game element to the story itself as well as the audio, characters and learning aspect– our favourite thing has got to be the graphics. We worked hard to create a graphic style that was both gorgeous and playful, but that also reflected our overall Picaro style. We think that the graphics are fun, quirky and unique. We especially love the smiling clouds and sun, and the cute Picaroons. Oh, and we do also love hovering the cloud over the Picaroons and watching them get their umbrellas out. It’s like a little slice of London life in our app! 😉

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We loved unleashing our creativity on this app. We got to put in the things that we loved doing as children – splashing in puddles, going higher and higher on the swing, and mucking about in the sandpit. Also, we’re very proud that the voices for ‘Picaro Play’ came from children from a local drama school, who truly got to test their talents in our voice over booth.

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