Walking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run!


DinoRunWalking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run! This app is Dino Fun! Help Patchi the Pachyrhinosaurus and other characters make their way through the dangerous forests and winter landscapes! Meet Patchi in the videos, he is adorable 🙂 As you play, collect leaves and save up feathers to enjoy more of the locked features in this app. The graphics and audio are sure to keep your kids enthralled and entice to come back for more. This is a great source to reinforce eye-hand coordination as well as a welcome Holiday break! Kids can be Heros and Survive the Cretaceous Period! Kids love dinosaurs and this app make a fantastic Christmas Gift!

The developer is considerate in showing that there are in app purchases. Just check our parents section to ensure the settings are where you choose. This app is presented to us by M5859 Studios Pty Ltd.


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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

DonodevWhat was the initial inspiration for  your app?

We were working closely with BBC Worldwide on the award winning winning “Walking with Dinosaurs – Inside their World” education app and we were acutely aware that they were in the process so making “Walking with Dinosaurs 3D” family-animated movie due out in Dec 2013.
Our team were big fans of the original BBC “Walking with Dinosaurs” documentary in 2001, so the opportunity to develop a fun and exciting game based on the characters and landscapes of the first major motion picture for this brand was an opportunity not to be missed. 
After looking at some early storyboards and plot of the movie, we quickly worked out that one of the best fun and exciting games to capture the essence of the family movie, would could do would be to create the characters of Patchi, Juniper and Scrowler into a fast-paced infinite running game, where they are being chased by the hungry Gorgosaurus!

What was is your favourite aspect of the App?

Our favourite aspect of the game, is the ability for central characters (Patchi, Scrowler and Juniper) to run through various amazing landscapes of the Cretaceous Period which closely resemble the movie landscapes. From the colourful Cretaceous lush forest landscape which is the first level of the game, to the rugged terrain of the ice-blizzard level where your favourite dinosaur characters from the movie have to run through amazing ice tunnels and escape the claws of big flying Pterosaurs!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Walking with Dinosaurs- Dino Run is one of the only endless running games which upon release, has multiple levels of landscapes for the player to fully immerse themselves in. M5859 Studios plan to provide regular upgrades to the game including new levels of amazing Forest Fires and Cretaceous Swamps, both which are featured through out the blockbuster family movie as well as new playable dinosaur characters! The game is available on the App- store today!

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