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This heartwarming interactive book app is presented to us by Moona Group. It’s a labor of love and a strong message of hope. Many of our reviews are life skill apps that are created by caring parents.

This book app is easily switched to 7 different languages in the settings. Check the developer’s comments below on how you might use this tool.

Families are often separated by many miles, for many reasons. Read along and help these delightful characters send a message of hope and courage to Grandma.

Real life skills include coming up with a plan, map skills, baking cookies, addressing and posting packages, and more. Most importantly, the impact of staying in touch. The interaction with these tasks help to empower our kids. Kids will find 7 tasks to complete within the story to unlock something magical.

This app is ad free and kid-safe. A wonderful tool to add to your kid’s ToolBox for Life.


Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?
We have created ‘A Parcel of Courage’ in gratitude for our children. It was our first app. The story in our interactive book is based on real events. Our children missed their grandparents very much as we had moved to another country. I even witnessed our 5 yo son recording on the iphone a speech about how he loved his grandmother and wished she would visit. I was struck to the heart, and came up with a family bedtime story about how their grandmothers would arrive. The main problem was that the grannies were afraid to fly by plane =)
I told the kids this story every night before going to sleep. My husband, seeing all of this, offered to try to release a book for ipad with this story to make sure the grannies would know we were thinking about them. I used to publish art books and my husband’s company developed websites. Therefore, we easily got excited about the idea and created a new department in my husband’s company to make the ‘A Parcel of Courage’ app. So ‘Moona group’ was started. We’ve found amazing people for our team, most of them from different countries. Let me think… 6 countries for 8 people:=)

What is your favorite aspect of your app?
There are 2 main modes in the app: a book and a learning game center. So kids can read, listen to the story, learn and, of course, play.

The activities within the story are paired to reinforce the storyline so that kids can better comprehend the content and develop their creativity, working memory, visual scanning ability, eye-hand coordination, early literacy skills and more.
I saw how kids use our Play Mode and understood how important interactivity is for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Watching children playing the game, we came up with the idea of prizes at the end of each game level (we have 4 types of learning games and 3 level in each). When all levels are completed, children can play with their own airship…

Professor Makoto Shichida advises to read short excerpts from a book in the kid’s native language during the day, and then to read the same piece of the text in a new language. So we’ve made a high-quality translation from English into many languages, including Chinese, French, and Spanish. We hope families who are interested in learning new languages with their kids will use this method in their everyday life. Book apps are a great opportunity to try out this method.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I hope the book can help parents to develop their emotional link with their kids. Our story is about love. It expresses our gratitude to all the grandparents in the world. It’s about connections between generations and how it is important to maintain this relationship, to love one another. And of course that you have to believe in miracles =)

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