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_CotBotFarmThe CotBot Farm app for kids falls under the heading of ‘Simply Awesome’!  It has the brightest most vivid graphics and audio available and they will entice your kids to keep coming back for more.

There are two play modes available as you can see in the upper left of the home screen.

There are real world activities to master including shearing sheep, milking cows, growing and selling produce and taking a break to go fishing 😉 The free-play format allows kids to explore the farm experience their own way. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to connect products in their lives with their origin as well as instill an understanding the value of our farms.

While they are traveling on the farm, kids get to choose from seven different vehicles and animals to ride. There’s even a Monster Truck! There are five educational minigames included. This app was developed by parents and education specialists and is presented to us byDivine Robot.

Check out the videos below for just of taste of the action. This app is ad free and kid-safe. We highly recommend this as a great new app for your kid’s ‘Toolbox for Life’.


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Meet The Developer!

DevCotBotWhat was the initial inspiration for the app?

For our first kids’ game, CotBot City, the inspiration was a car play mat that I used to play with as a child. I got frustrated by not being able to change the buildings around, the city looked the same every single time. So we developed a “digital car play mat”, where you build your own city and drive around using different vehicles.

Getting to the second game in the series, we changed the theme into a farm with surroundings, but used the same game engine that we built ourselves, and changed the city vehicles into farm vehicles and animals.

What’s your favorite aspect of the app?

We like to use an edutaining setting, with environments that children recognize and can learn something about. So in CotBot City, you can learn about what makes a city work, how to drive a bus or a fire engine, and about recycling for instance. On the farm you learn about the whole production cycle, planting vegetables and feeding cows to get milk, shearing sheep to get clothes and so on. As a bonus, you are then able to sell your goods to passers-by from the farm truck.

I particularly like how the games are free-roaming games, there are no rules or limits, nothing that you are “supposed to do”, which oftentimes baffles grown ups. I find this aspect of the games very important, and I am myself a firm believer in free-range parenting. There are so many must do:s and schedules even in the lives of toddlers these days, that they rarely get the opportunity to discover things by themselves. We never tell the children what to do, but add “easter eggs” that they can find by playing.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

As we are parents ourselves, and collaborate with a child education specialist, as well as thoroughly test the games with children right from the start, we believe that our games are very well suited for the target audience: 3-6 year old children.

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