Gator8 | A Gator Dun Ate My Boots!


Gator8A gator dun ate Jud Cooney’s boots is a story that will keep your kids giggling and coming back for more. This is a great app with fantastic graphics and a very good life lesson for our kids to learn! Follow along as Jud works to find a way to get his boots back. Just when Jud thinks all is well, be ready to find another challenge! Be sure to tap away for surprises. The hand at the bottom of the page will tell you how many there are. You will get a star when you’ve tapped them all. You can view all pages and go back to your favorite whenever you like!

This book app would be a great Teacher Tool for sharing the life lesson of being polite! Gator8 is presented to us by Burr Johnson . Be sure to read the developer comments below.

Jud Wants His Boots Back!

Will Magic Work?

A Flying Gator!

An Unexpected Lesson!


This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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This app is no longer in iTunes. But it is in Google play for free download.

Meet The Developer!

GatorWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

In 2000 I went to New Orleans to attend SIGGRAPH, a computer graphics convention for the film and game industries.  While there I was struck with the beauty of the architecture of the French Quarter.  I also had a the opportunity to visit some friends who lived about an hour out of town.  As I drove I observed the bayou with it’s cyprus trees and the occasional shack on stilts with small boats parked out front.  Along the way I stopped at a small town where, at it’s center, was a fenced in alligator laying perfectly still in what looked like a small crudely made swimming pool.  On the fence was a sign declaring this creature to be the town gator.  Although I don’t remember it’s name, I’ll always remember feeling a little sorry for it as it lay there trapped in it’s cage.   I wondered what it might do if finally freed.  Who knows?  I reckon he might get revenge by eating some poor fella’s boots.

What is your favorite aspect of the app?

What I enjoy the most about this book is the authentic Cajun narrators.  The narration is performed by three ‘saltwater’ Cajuns from Houma, Louisiana. These voices add a level of authenticity to the book and make it a pleasure to listen to. The illustrations are rich in color and reflect the picturesque scenery of the deep Louisiana bayou, as well as a peek into New Orleans’ French quarter. The tale is full of humor and irony, and reminds the reader that life can be much easier when we show a little courtesy.

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