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What'sFasterWhat’s Faster – Ultimate Trivia & Puzzle Game is presented to us by William Stacy. Get it now as a newer version is about to appear! It is hard to imagine this app getting better – I can’t wait! Kids and Parents alike are always pondering questions. This is an app that has answers in a fun trivia format. Fantastic graphics combined with stimulating audio and facts in a format that will entice them to keep asking! This is very enticing for ‘kids’ of all ages. What’s faster? A Ferrari or Fiat? Is a  BMW faster than a Bugatti? Work your way through the levels to find more categories. Animals vs Technology, Aircraft vs Cars, and so much more!

This is the work of a father, sparked by his 8 year old – meet them below in the interview! It is not just a trivia game. Five percent of the app profits go to a good cause in North Texas, it helps single parents and widows in need with auto care and the purchasing of a new vehicle for their family.! Educators see value in many things other than basic core requirements. Teacher Alert! This is a great way to spark student enthusiasm for interaction with others. It is also a fantastic tool for Parents and Caregivers to play, learn, and bond with kids!

An Amazing Number of Categories & Check out The Radar!!

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Test Yourself, Check Body Style, Year, and More – Take a Guess!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

Whats_Faster_Father_and_sonWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

My eight-year old son William is a major “question box”! He is obsessed with cars and speed and always wanting to know how fast a car, plane, animal, bird, etc. is.  In the carpool line, on the road, at the airport always wanting to know if one thing raced another who would win. Many nights we would sit down on the computer to research what would really win!  As we started researching, we slowly stumbled upon this idea for an app for iPad.  If William was curious about it, we bet there were others around the world were curious too. We started the seven-month process of research and development.  We ended up including 32 categories including cars, birds, fish, jets, helicopters, humans, rollercoaster, tanks and many more.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

There are three things about the game that we are really proud of. First is all the fun comparisons!  There are so many different things to compare and the final end round you can compare anything to anything which is crazy! Car vs Animals, Jet vs Helicopter, Bird vs Fish… As you play the game you are always surprised on what is faster than another thing.

Second is we worked with a PhD level statistician to help us develop the algorithm on which order to show comparisons.  As you play a round, you notice the questions slowly get harder and harder as the end of the round approaches.  It took some serious math and logic to make this work, but it makes the game very fun and challenging. There are over 625,000 different comparisons inside the app so it never gets old.  You could play the game 1,000 times and not get the same line of questions.

Last is the response we have gotten from around the world.  The game is being played in 145 countries and has over 15,000 downloads to date.  William and I love the fact there are kids and adults around the globe playing a game we created and are learning about the world of speed all around them.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

This game has been a real labor of love in our family.  William and I developed the game and logic and my brother did all the music and sound effects.  It was also important to us as a family that we use the game to help others.  That being said, we donate a percentage of the profits from the game to families in North Texas who need help paying car maintenance and help buying a new car.  In January of 2013 William and I donated our first $1,000 to help families in need!  It’s been a great lesson to teach him that if you have an idea you can take it and run with and also that as you get success to think of others in need.

Thanks for checking out the game and for playing!  Here’s to helping us all learn what is faster!

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