Alma and the doll in the park – A Lesson in The Gifts of Honesty


Alma and the doll in the park by Grite is a very interactive book for kids with a very special message!  I am so happy to see more and more of these wonderful life lesson books coming out! This one is about the value of honesty and does a great job conveying real life emotions and thoughts. Empowering our kids is a valuable gift we can give them. It’s really a priceless gift!

This app is a must have for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, and anyone who loves kids. It is a dialogue opener to help kids absorb important life lesson, very much like Dr. Wayne Dyers books. This one is also special because it is developed and inspired by a family that you will meet below in the Developer Interview! You can choose from three languages: Spanish, English and German. You will need to get this app to learn how the friendship grows between Alma and the little girl as well as a chance to play the ever changing games! The rhythmical narration in this book app is very enticing for kids!

“Alma Finds A Treasure!

Will She Follow Her Heart?!

This Game Changes Every time You Play!

More Languages!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

What was the inspiration for your app?

Our inspiration is our daughter Alma (immediate left), her questions, experiences and her interest for the iPad. She is almost four years old and still very immature emotionally, but she is a very smart girl who learns very fast, especially with the iPad. With it she learnt the letters, colors, numbers and to do puzzles.

We started looking for apps that talked about the topics that interest us to teach her: recognition and control of her emotions, core values, the right reactions in certain situations etc. Unfortunately we did not find much in on this among the thousands of apps in the market, so we decided to do it ourselves. So we started this Álvaro (Alma’s Dad Mauro -Top Left Photo)), who is an excellent writer, illustrator and animator. I took care of the artwork (Bottom Left Photo), story and project management and Harvey (Bottom Left Hubby), one of our rock star programmers, built the the App.

Alma has had many similar experiences as in the story. When my young child sees something she likes, she wants to keep it and often is difficult taking it away without making her cry. But when we show her that returning it offers a greater reward than the toy itself, the experience becomes positive and enjoyable, and she begins to develop a new behavior.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

The rhyming story is what I like the most about the app. It was the hardest part to do, we did it between my brother and I. It took a lot of effort and the translation was very difficult to maintain the rhyming and concepts. But we love the end result, especially when Alma repeats any verse with joy. We´ve tested it with some Almas friends and the most of them pay a lot of attention to the story till the end, we are proud about that, because normally young children don´t see all the pages of a story. What Alma likes most are the illustrations, and seeing herself represented there makes her very proud. She likes the interactive characters in the background and she even has named them. She also likes the games, specially “Your favourite park”. She spend a lot of time doing her favourite park and making the characters dance. She love to create stories, making the voices of the kids and imaging what they say to each other. Alma with Baby Brother Lucas- Bottom Right Photo.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, I would like to highlight how beneficial it may be the iPad for our children if we know how to use it as a tool. Make it an ally in their education, not just academic but also personal and spiritual, offering new ways of bringing together parents and children.

Let’s use the apps that transmit values and give good example to start conversations with them on issues that are not addressed, and prefer those where the kids can learn to be better people, than those with games where they have to destroy others or have to be better than others to win.

¡The iPad is not just to distract them and giving parents space to not be bother!
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