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CocoCOCO & FRANÇOIS! This is a great app for kids! Kids can explore learning the names of farm animals, sea creatures and actions in six languages! Learn French, English, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Arabic! The graphics and narration are bright and clearly enticing for kids! It has been shown that our kids, at a very young age, can pick up languages much easier when they are young. Give them this tool and see what happens!

There are three games in six languages on the one app: CATCH COCO, FISHING, & ACTION! You can then pick the language and the difficulty level. The videos are done at the easy level so our parents can gauge the best level for their kids. This is a great app for any home or for Preschool Teachers to use in groups! Check out the videos to get a feel for the ease of use and the presentation that will keep kids coming back.

Go Fishing! In English!

Catch Coco! In French!

Play Action Game in German!


This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

CocodevWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

I have been teaching French in preschools in Sydney for the last 12 years, and have often been asked if I have any tools for the children to carry on with their French at home. So with the introduction of the iPad and seeing so many young kids using them, I decided that this would be the best medium for transferring some of my fun language games into an app that could be available worldwide at a very affordable price!

As I wanted the app to appeal to many kids, I created the same games in a number of different languages, thereby providing a world of languages to a world of children!!


What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I love the way “Coco & Francois” is not an obvious language “lesson” where the kids are trying to get the answer or match right – but instead it is just fun games being played where the children simply absorb the words that they hear in the same way that they absorb language in everyday life, just by hearing it while playing! As I have met many preschoolers speaking up to four languages (seriously!), I think it’s great the way my app allows the kids to play exactly the same games in a choice of languages, swapping between them and hearing different ways of saying “dog” or “jump” in different languages!

“Coco & François” is equally as good as a tool for young kids just to reinforce their native tongue – there’s something for everyone!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

This is absolutely the best age for introducing languages to kids! They absorb the words easily and become very curious about how to say certain words in different languages. So many studies have shown the mental benefits of being bi-lingual or even multi-lingual, but more importantly – it’s just fun! Kids love it, it’s good for them in many ways, it can open doors to explore and talk about cultures and ideas, so why not?!


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