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FullMoonFull Moon Parade is an exciting educational tool for Parents and Teachers!  The progressive steps kids need for reading are achieved easily in a wonderful environment with fantastic graphics. Full Moon takes you from the enticing story to tools that build reading skills from the story and help your kids get a head start! While enjoying the story, kids will be learning to identify animals names, sounds, actions, and more. Tap the animals and enjoy the animations and tap the speaker to have the page read out loud. The highlighted words are a strong support for early reading readiness.  Each page of the book can be easily switched from English to Spanish and back again. This is a nice opportunity to introduce a second language to kids, with images they can identify with.

Book Buddies, Word Wall, Mighty Matches, and Picture Perfect contain 3 levels of each game to reinforce comprehension, spelling skills, and test taking skills for our kids. The game videos below demonstrate that this app is a great choice for preschoolers, yet grows with kids as their skills are enhanced.

Create A Book brings it all together and enables kids to build their own book, make changes as they go, and print it out!  The app is presented to us by Early Learning  U,LLC. Teachers! This is a Must Have App!

The Story! In English or Spanish!

Book Buddies at Level A!

Word Wall at Level A!

Picture Perfect at Level B!

Mighty Matches at Level C!

Create a Book!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

ileneWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

I come from a long line of teachers, and there is nothing more exciting to me than seeing children passionate about learning. In the 1980s, when interactive children’s books were first launched, I was the General Counsel of the Software Publishers Association. In this capacity, I got to play with the most innovative software of the time, and I was smitten by the joy and excitement that interactivity creates for learning.

The Full Moon Parade is one of a collection of 18 award-winning apps that are part of the Academic Language Program for Children. This collection helps children master the 1,000 most important words for developing a powerful reading and writing vocabulary. It also helps them develop critical thinking skills, and become confident readers. All the apps in this collection contain a unique toggle switch that allows families to read the apps in English and/or in Spanish.

What is the favorite aspect of your app?

My favorite aspect of our Early Learning University apps is the sophisticated music and art that we embed in the stories. As a former music teacher, I know that music helps children contextualize what they are reading. By engaging multiple senses – – sight, sound, touch – – kids get to immerse themselves in the apps and go back repeatedly to read and play with them again and again.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Our Early Learning University apps are part of the Academic Language Program for Students (ALPS), developed by Footsteps2Brilliance®,Inc. Widely used in the most innovative school districts throughout the United States today, ALPS contains a breakthrough series of educational eBooks and games designed with the help of cutting edge technologists, early learning experts, PhDs in curriculum development, gaming specialists, teachers, and kids!

Each app is more than just an eBook – – it is part of an eLearning System and includes: (1) a beautifully illustrated interactive book with rhyming, music, and alliteration; (2) three levels of games that improve comprehension and test taking skills; (3) three levels of games that reinforce letter recognition and enhance spelling skills; (4) three levels of games that develop vocabulary, short-term memory skills, phonemic awareness, and reading fluency; (5) three levels of games that assess learning objectives within the book; (6) a unique writing tool that encourages your child to become an author by creating variations of the book he/she just read.

The other 17 apps that are part of the Academic Language Program for Students (ALPS) can be found at Our Web Site
Our apps are available via iTunes Google Play and Amazon . We invite you to check back regularly as we continue to grow the collection for you!
~ Ilene Rosenthal, CEO and Founder of Early Learning University, LLC

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