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MiniPupMini Pupstars: kids big & little celebstyle your pooch is presented to us by Matoto Play. The holidays are upon us and breaktime is well deserved. Kids will love decking these pups out over and over again! Kids can choose a pup and get busy. The hair can be washed, dried, colored and more! No worries parents: This app is safe and a wonderful way to spark imagination and creativity as well as enhancing fine motor skills. Kids: See if you can match your four dogs with their nationality by placing the correct teeny bopper flags on each Pooch.

There are bags of accessories to personalize your pup for the photo shoot. Everything from hats, scarfs, glasses and glitter, is your to choose from. If you change your mind choose another. This easy to use app will provide hours of fun. You can send your pictures to anyone including entering a monthly photo contest. Just send to and look out for the winners on Mini Pupstars’ Pinterest board.

Pick A Pup and Start Styling!

Do A Cut and Color!

Pick New Colors, Hats, and Jewels!

Use Several Colors!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

pr-photo---1What was the initial inspiration for your app?
Hi my names Yasmin and I am just a regular mum who wanted to create children’s apps that would inspire, unlock creativity and educate in an “indirect manner” as well as entertain. I also wanted to create apps that would promote discussion and learning between parents and their children. The inspiration for my app came from “The Extreme Dog grooming” competitions that are popular in the USA. Combining that with the many hair salon type apps the inspiration for “Mini Pupstars” was born. With 4 dogs to choose from – It has all the usual elements of colour, wash, cut, shave and style your poochs hair but in 3D. So you can grow your poochs hair all over. As a parent I appreciate that time on electronics should be limited – My company’s motto is also to “create apps that cannot be so easily replicated in real life.” Yes I would discourage extreme dog grooming amongst children, but its fun to do in fantasy creativity.

What is your favorite aspect of the app?
My favourite feature is there is a slight education element also – their are four different dog nationalities, I created teeny boppers with different country flags the task being to place them on the right dog. This feature has been sneaked in without making a fuss of but its a great way of engaging discussion about the dogs (and learning), breeds, nationalities and flags.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
I have an upgrade planned for Mid Feb 2014 which will include new features and will be available for the iphone market and I will be rolling out 6 more new apps over the next year.

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