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MusicalPaintMusical Paint is a fantastic tool for all of our budding artists, including kids of all ages! I had a great time working with it. The app gives kids a feel for an art museum and then puts them center stage as the artist! This is a great fine motor skills app for all teacher to share with their kids.

Creativity time is getting harder to find so let’s take advantage of the tools we have at hand. That’s not hard to do when they are interactive, encouraging, and very enticing.

The music is a wonderful touch that frees the mind to keep exploring. This is a Must Have App!A very creative app for early childhood. It is  open-ended  allowing for endless creative possibilities! There is even a “Grown-up” section with Common Core lesson plans!

 Welcome to The Museum!

 Meet The Band!

 Play Outside! Tap Around!

 Explore The Shades of Color!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

Photos attached:  Me with Cat in the Hat – Trevor with his wife Charity and son Jude.

LizTrevorandWifeWhat was the initial inspiration for  your app?

Trevor and I wanted to make content that we could be proud of as a parent and an educator.  We feel that creativity is the most important skill to have in the 21st century and we’ve made it our mission to nurture creativity in kids.The inspiration for this particular app comes from personal experience.  When I was in elementary school, I remember my art teacher playing classical music and asking us to “draw” the music.  It was a wonderful, multi-sensory experience.  Trevor is a musician and programmer with a talent for audio production.  He was able to take this audio-drawing exercise from my childhood to the next level.  With Musical Paint, a child can choose to let the music or the visual art (or a combination of the two) lead the creative experience.
What is your favorite aspect of your app?
Our favorite thing about the app is getting to see what people create with it!  The app is so open-ended that we’re always surprised and excited to see how kids (and grown-ups) choose to use it.  Some users prefer to create representational art, like a fish or a tree, and hear how that sounds.  Others get carried away by the sound and create abstract paintings.  It’s fun to see kids create and share.  It’s also fun to bring out the inner-artist in their parents and grandparents!  My father is 64 and has not produced a piece of art since he was in school– now he is constantly sending me his musical paintings.  We love putting people in touch with their creative side.
Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
As a former preschool teacher, I was a stickler about making the app developmentally appropriate.  We spent a lot of time testing Musical Paint with kids and making changes based on their feedback.  The app was developed with kids ages 8 and under in mind, and we were dedicated to making it work just for them.  We designed it so that they can navigate the app from beginning to end on their own, which is very empowering for young children.  We also left room in the app to collaborate and share with grown-ups, which we feel is equally important.
Parents can rest assure that there are no in-app purchases in this app and we are not collecting data to sell to third parties.

Fun facts:  Kids seem to like the green Octopus the most, and the voice-over for that character was done by our very own Trevor LeVieux!  All of the character design and background art was done by a great friend and talented artist, Jose Zelaya.  Jose has designed characters for several Disney Jr. shows including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

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