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TheTripMercer Mayer’s Little Critter  is off on a reading adventure! This is a fun filled educational experience in letters, numbers, shapes, colors, map reading and more! Kids follow along on a family road trip playing numerous learning games and having fun the entire time.

Little Critter Book Apps are always supporting early reading with a playful style. Tapping everywhere, as our kids love to do, creates surprise after surprise!  The family travels the countryside, the city, the beach and each stopover is filled with hilarious situations. Little Critters’ backpack can save the day as long as you collect what is needed along the way.
Award-winning Silver Dolphin Books is an imprint of Baker & Taylor Publishing Group, and publishes activity, novelty, and educational nonfiction books.

There is so much content and quality in this app it is impossible to capture in a few videos. The last is a look at the Game Pack (Link available below). Check them out to get a feel for the app and let your kids see them too. It’s a sure bet they will want this app for themselves and to share with friends.

Learn About The Trip!

 Find Flash Cards and Other Handy Tools!

 Off to the City!

 Headed for the Beach!

 Sneak Preview of The Game Pak!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

John Sansevere, Developer/Producer

John-R-SansevereWhat was your initial inspiration for the Little Critter app?

I’ve worked with Mercer Mayer for over 25 years developing and producing Little Critter books, workbooks, videos, CD-ROMs, and now apps, getting to know and helping to further develop Little Critter and his world via various media, while at the same time making sure to stay true to the character as Mercer originally imagined him.

After our first round of Little Critter apps, which were also based on Mercer’s Little Critter books, I wanted to make the app reading experience even more fun, more engaging, more interactive and so the idea for the Reading Adventure was born. An adventure based on a book or a story that expands the experience in different ways, enhancing it via the use of inventory so the user actually participates in the storytelling, as well as the addition of educationally based games that tie into the story, helping to advance it from scene to scene, or screen to screen.

Silver Dolphin Books expressed a specific interest in developing Little Critter apps and loved the idea of Little Critter Reading Adventures. They also loved, as I do, the idea of using the beautiful original watercolor art of Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter The Trip, as well as the idea of an app based on a story about a family trip in which humorous mix-ups Critter-style are the name of the game, especially one in which the user gets to help Little Critter “solve” all of the amusing problems that occur along the way.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

The play-to-learn and making reading fun and engaging aspect of the Reading Adventures is my inspiration creatively and also my favorite aspect of the process. Erica Farber – the app’s co-writer – and I are both strong proponents of Friedrich Froebel’s “To play is to learn” philosophy. Froebel, who is credited with the creation of kindergarten as well as our modern education system, recognized that children have unique needs and capabilities and often spoke about teaching “the whole child” – mind and body, through various physical activities like singing, dancing, game play and the arts. Coincidentally, Erica and I both experienced difficulties as young children learning to read, a major factor in forging our commitment to make learning fun. When we develop these apps, we want to instill basic reading skills like recognizing letters and decoding, and we deliver those lessons in the context of games, puzzles and adventures. And in addition to making learning to read fun and joy filled, we reward our young readers for their activities and accomplishments throughout the Reading Adventure.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes! We’re all very excited about the launch of the The Trip – Little Critter Reading Adventure app and its complementary GamePak app featuring Digistix.
But this is just the beginning. I’m very happy to be working with Silver Dolphin Books to develop the Reading Adventure concept and to take it even further with each subsequent app. We are working on a number of new apps, including ones based on Richard Scarry’s Busytown, along with a brand-new and very unique property I created with Erica Farber called ASTRO B-1, which is also targeted at the 3 to 7-year-old market.

Parents might want to follow Silver Dolphin’s blog or follow them on Facebook so they can find out the latest about our Reading Adventures. Just like the children who are our users, we are constantly playing to learn ourselves so that what we create is as engaging, interactive, challenging, and fun as possible.

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