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SassyCAssieSassy Cassie HD  is presented to us by PicPocket Books who is well known for quality, life skill topics presented in a kid friendly way. In many cases, these apps are created by, or authored by Moms! I am always touched when a parent spots the amazing moments in the lives of kids and creates something that becomes a tool for so many other people who love kids!

Cassie is a very spunky little girl and determined to have her way. Follow along with the story and watch Sassy Cassie explore and discover her talents. The app presents a wonderful example for life and family skills. Kids need room and free time for their desires to manifest. Don’t miss our Meet The Author below!

Check out the videos to get a good feel for the quality of the app and the value of the content This one is a keeper. It is loaded to more interactions than I can record in one review~It’s a Must Have App!~Let’s continue to give our kids the best of tools to enable healthy growth in all aspects of life! Teacher Alert! This is a wonderful tool to use in your classroom.

Meet Cassie and All of Her Spunk!

 Cassie’s Sassy Shows Up!

 Color Mixing Time!

 Look What Happens Now!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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SassynMomMeet The Author!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

I made my own books before I even knew how to write. I’d come up with a story and draw the pictures on paper with crayons. My mom wrote my words in and secured the pages with a few staples and . . . I had a book!

The initial inspiration to create the Sassy Cassie storybook app came to me as my own little girl entered that adorable carefree age we call “the terrible twos”. I found myself saying “Don’t be sassy, Cassie” And there was my title. Now I needed an idea. All parents know you can’t help but be inspired by your children. They see the world as their personal playground! One day I was painting as usual and heard a little voice saying “Look, look, look at me, I’m a princess” I looked over to see my little girl all made-up with bright pink lipstick, rainbow colored eye shadow and a glittery princess crown on her head. My story was born.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I have a few favorite aspects . . .

1. THEME – It is a princess themed story that is based on reality rather than pure fantasy making it easy for children to relate to and put themselves in the story.

2. INSPIRATION AND LOVE – It promotes self expression, creativity and individuality. While the story is sweet, sassy, and whimsical the underlying message that comes shining through is unconditional love.

3. EDUCATIONAL – Following the story there’s more fun to be had. A color and color mixing guide teach children how to mix every color of the rainbow and more with just 5 paint colors. Plus a series of questions related to color mixing and the story.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

If you’ve ever dreamt about writing (or writing and illustrating) your own picture book now is a great time to make your dream a reality. The children’s storybook app industry has exploded and is here to stay. Keep this in mind, every book starts with just one thing . . . an idea! All you need to do is make the time to create and build on your idea. Once your book is complete do your research and find an app publisher that feel is suitable. I decided to submit my book to PicPocket books as they seemed a perfect fit. And I guess they agreed, I was thrilled to receive a “yes” with a few days. You can do this too . . believe in yourself!

I’m currently painting everyday building my new Etsy shop and working on my next project “Sassy Cassie A Halloween Princess”. Please stay in touch and say hello on my FB page.

“When I was little I favored art supplies and picture books over dolls and toys. Now that I’m “all grown-up” I favor art supplies and picture books over shoes and jewels” PLA

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