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PerimeterThe Perimeter and Area app for kids covers quizzes for calculating the perimeter and area of plane figures (triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids). This app enables parents and caregivers to easily share each student progress report via email. 

You must complete a session to get the message that all is copied to the clipboard. This quick and easy mode of communication between teachers and parents, or after school caregivers and parents, will help your students thrive! Kids can email parents at work to show off their progress…

Add and change names to cover as many students as you like, open your email and hit paste. Keep in mind, we are saving trees 😉  Practice can make a world of difference for most all of us. Switching to tech is something your kids will certainly appreciate.

Note: I displayed the higher levels without working the problems…However, will get to see the variety in the multiple shape quizzes.

This app is a great addition to any classroom as well as at home! Be sure to read the developer interview below. These developers provide multiple, high quality, educational tools. Once again, great apps springing from families that want the best for our kids. In addition, there are some blogs that are chock-full of great info when you check out their LinkedIn link below.

Use our search feature (top right) to check out Math Whole’s Videos in another review. These apps are ad-free and the app content is aligned with Common Core Mathematics Standards and Singapore Math Method.compliant. These are great gift apps to your favorite teacher for only 99 cents each!

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Meet The Developer!

MathWholeDevWhat is the initial inspiration for your app?

The initial inspiration for Bel Math Apps applications was our grandkids. When our granddaughter was in the first grade, she had some problems with the math assigned. To help her, we created a spreadsheet with a list of quizzes. To have these quizzes on the paper was not convenient. To streamline and facilitate the process was to program it. This is how Bel Math Apps was created.
What is your favorite aspect of your app?

One of my most favorite feelings in my whole life was & continues to be the sense of the achievement: it was difficult, but I have done it! Bel Math Apps quizzes lead kids from simple examples to more complex, providing this feeling: “Yes, I can”.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Of course, every developer is longing to promote his/her app. But it is my honest opinion, that the Bel Math Apps applications are very good tools for math practice for elementary & middle school students & are the convenient tool for teachers/parents to test kids’ achievement & to define the weak spots.

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