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Dr. Panda – Restaurant 3  is an exciting new addition to the numerous apps Dr. Panda limited has provided us. Kids will be so tickled as they learn to create new dishes and feed happy customers.

Restaurant 3 has lots of educational value too. Kids will improve memory skills, eye-hand coordination, and learn more about social skills through play in the kitchen and serving areas.

Each time a dish works out, points are collected. The more they experiment with the menu, the more tools and ingredients they will have to work with.

There are no 3rd party ads in this app. There is a one-time package price of $4.99 to have all that is needed for countless hours of play. See the videos below to enough the high-end graphics and audio as well as the ease of play.

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Meet The Developers!

devpandaGame designer Jeffrey Uppelschoten:

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

Our main inspiration for the app was the success of the other Dr. Panda apps in the restaurant series, especially Dr. Panda Restaurant 2. Dr. Panda Restaurant 2 was one of our first 3D titles and we’re always thinking about how we could improve its gameplay from a visual perspective, so that was something we particularly wanted to improve on in Dr. Panda Restaurant 3. Now, we have an app with cutting edge and stunning 3D animations and graphics.

What was your favorite aspect of your app?

Personally, I like the flow of the game, welcoming the customers, handing them the menu, then always returning to your kitchen which is the focal point of the app. I believe this helps kids to become familiar with their kitchen tools and become more efficient at running their own restaurant, while of course, having fun!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I highly recommend exploring the many different condiments at the end of each recipe to have fun customizing it to yours or your customer’s liking, why not try adding a little extra chili to see what happens!


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