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KrakelnThis free app for kids is an excellent support system to encourage kids to explore spelling and more!  Just hand it to your preschooler or early elementary kids and see what happens 😉 There are words that will be advanced for preschool, providing the perfect opportunity to share quality time with them. The images, along with seeing the letters popping into place, will give them a huge advantage.

The upper left corner has a button to easily change languages and introduce them to several. Check out the videos below to preview the categories.

The playful introduction to a new language can open their minds to how small the world really is. They will be tickled to see that many words are very similar in other languages. Positive reinforcement is clear with the great graphics and kids get to pop bubbles at the end of each review segment – Kids love bubbles 😉

This app is completely ad-free and does not contain in-app purchases. Ads are distracting and that is why we never allow them on this review site. We encourage you to share this review with your favorite preschool and early elementary teachers.


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Meet The Developer!

KrakenDevWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

As an uncle, I thought about what children might like. I decided on something similar to classic picture books where children discover terms and colors and later even learn to write them. So many apps are offered, but such a learning game in great design was missing. If toddlers and children are already growing up with mobiles and tablets these days, they should experience something meaningful.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

A colorful, child-friendly design, but reduced to the essentials that the senses of the little ones are not over-excited.
The pictures are divided into different categories. For instance, there are animal worlds and playgrounds, but you also learn a lot about food, clothing and musical instruments.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

The laughter of the children who scroll through the app has been worth all the development work.
Even those who are not yet able to write can enjoy naming the objects and colors and setting them to music for example.

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