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DrPandaRownThe fabulous team at Dr. Panda limited has created another app for kids that will be sure to keep their imaginations going in endless free-play. Dr. Panda Town is a new release that can be downloaded free and has 3 in-app purchases. This review covers that full package which is the “Bundle” (the Farm & the Zoo) It’s a great price and we highly recommend it 😉
Update!! 1/18/18
Two new locations are now available to explore and create 😉 A Police Station and a School area. The Police Station has a crime lab, a jail cell, and lots of activities to explore. In the School, the classroom has chalkboards and lockers or you can head to the chemistry lab to make an all-new concoction. The update also does a makeover of all characters in the game, adding to the general diversity kids can experience while playing.

There are no rules of order. Tap the bottom of the screen and drag your favorite characters into the fun. You can start in the house, your own grocery store/cafe, or go off to the park to play. Each location has plenty to keep kids exploring with over 300 movable, edible, and drinkable items.
There are surprises galore to be discovered. For just one hint, don’t forget to check the attic for a treasure chest 😉
Life skills are reinforced with this type of app, allowing kids to recreate happy homes, fun shopping experiences, and a day at the park 😉 This app supports almost 20 languages!
Check out the videos below for just a taste of this high-quality app. Parent’s and Teachers can go into Settings and turn off any promo offers. You can see that in the 1st video.

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Meet The Developers!


What was the initial inspiration for the app?

We wanted to create an environment that’s familiar for kids, a place they can relate to. What’s more familiar than a house, a park, a supermarket? They’re all places kids regularly encounter in real life. It’s been quite a journey. The initial concept considered the idea of a house the player can explore. Then we decided to expand toward a neighborhood approach. All in all, a few months. Now, we’ve finally found the locations we’re happy with.

What’s your favorite aspect of the app?

There are so many features for kids to enjoy. Some children really like cooking food, some like to role-play checkout assistant in the supermarket while others prefer to make up their own games such as hide and seek in the park! The great thing about Dr. Panda Town is that there’s no set way to play. It’s all down to each child’s imagination.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Dr. Panda fans may have noticed that for the first time we’ve introduced human characters! We believe that by doing this, kids will be able to identify with the characters, subsequently enhancing their roleplay experience in-game.

Thank you, Dr. Panda Town lead game designer – Onno van Duin.

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