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marcopoloarcticMarco Polo Arctic is an app that is sure to spark your kid’s curiosity about all things Arctic. The format is free-play and the animals, sounds, and images are enthralling. It’s a definite ‘Best App For Kids’.  Kids place the animals into their environment and play with them, feed them, and learn about them. Children will quickly learn which Arctic animals are plant or meat eaters, and how they interact with their world. The animals are quick to show their preference 🙂

This app is presented to us by MarcoPolo Learning, Inc., a company that is known for providing a rich educational format.This app is number three of the Discovery Series.

Free play is a very important style for our kids. One that encourages imagination and empowers kids. A more structured educational aspect is contained in the puzzles. Over thirty Arctic animals are included in the puzzles. As they are built they come to life with sounds and facts.

In the Parents tab you will find an Open Environment Play Guide with helpful suggestions. In Settings, you have the option of seven languages. You can also activate the ‘Save Environment’ feature so that children can pick up where they left off.  Check out the videos below for a sample of this high quality, ad-free, kid safe app.

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Meet The Developer!

marcodevWhat was the initial inspiration for Marco Polo Arctic?

We focus our products on nature and science. The Arctic is home to some of the most popular and fascinating animals on Earth (polar bears, seals, whales, arctic foxes) and we thought we could put together a great experience to teach kids about this amazing region.


What is your favorite aspect of the app?

We make almost all of the sounds in the app with human voices. We flew to Finland to work with amazing voice talent Rudi Rok to make not only animal sounds but also the landscape sounds like wind and waves.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
We will be launching soon a video series that compliments the curriculum in our games. It features the characters in our games. The show is called The Polos and it will be out in early 2017. All the episodes can be viewed through all our game titles and YouTube.

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