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_MadagascarSeasons by Cleverkiddo is the perfect introduction for kids to learning about seasons! In addition they are counting, doing puzzles, and playing dress up while learning about the differences in seasons. The dress up segment enables kids to take a photo of their creation. The graphics combined with wonderful narration are very enticing and sure to keep kids coming back. Kids receive positive reinforcement for every task.

Seasons is the perfect Teacher Tool to use along with lessons or a special break-time reward. Kids are happily at play while learning very important skills. Parents, be sure and tell your Preschool teachers about this fun and educational app that is free of advertisements! Seasons is presented to us by Carien Van Zyl.





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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

SeasonsDevWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

I really wanted to make an app that my children could enjoy in their own language (Afrikaans). When my oldest came home from playschool one day with a list of topics they were going to cover, during the year, the inspiration struck me to bring out a series of apps that covers those topics. We play a lot with activity books at home so it was a natural next thought to bring out activities themed for each topic. I also wanted to make an app that functioned the way I play with them, naming the colours, shapes and numbers as they play.

As the development progressed, my two girls were my inspiration. They really liked playing with the app and each had their own special way of contributing. Teyna, a 5 year old, would always have suggestions. For instance, on the autumn shapes game I made the kite fly out of the screen but Teyna thought it should rather stay inside the screen. With the summer shapes she thought the boat should float. Since I thought her intuition for what kids would like are better than mine, I changed it.
Coreta (3 years old), had a way of breaking the app. She already reached 15 in the counting games when only 2 leafs had fallen. That provided me with the opportunity to fix them. She would also come and ask questions, regarding that stage in the game, which made me realise that I should simplify that part of the app.

What is your favourite aspect of your app?

I absolutely love the graphics and the background music! I also like the way the child can play different activities without ever asking the parent for help.

My favourite activity is the recently released dress up game. Coreta one day looked in the mirror and said: “When you are happy your cheeks go red.” I just had to capture that in the app, thus the red cheeks when a photo is taken and the doll is dressed with one of each garment type. 🙂
Teyna’s favourite activity is the spring shapes game.
Coreta’s favourite activity is the spring counting game.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I loved making this app, I hope your kids will also love playing it. If there is any feedback, please let me know,as this helps improve future apps. There are definitely more to come in this series, so keep on checking our site.

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