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WordwheelWord Wheel: Short Vowels makes creating words as easy as a click of the wheel! These reading building blocks, learning phonics, short vowels, and consonants just became fun! Kids love interaction. Kids can choose a vowel sound and add from the list of beginning  and ending sounds. Blends or singular letter beginning sounds open them to a wide variety of words to create. Once they see, and hear, how the sounds blend together with an image they can identify with, there is no holding them back. Kids are excited when they start creating and this learning app has the graphics and star rewards to keep them enticed!

The app enables you to choose from lower or upper case letters as well as mixed cases. You can change the length of the quiz to suit your kids as they progress. Word Wheel makes the perfect practice app for home as well as a great Teacher Tool to reinforce lessons in class. This app is presented to us by Teknos Interactive LLC . Word Wheel is now available for iPhone!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Developers!

582208_10150841003189341_23915358_nWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

Susan: Word Wheel began with paper plates and washable markers. I wanted to teach the children I looked after how to read, so I used two paper plate discs and a brass fastener to make a wheel of rhyming words. Each wheel focused on a different short vowel sound. The parents were so impressed with their children’s growth; they told me I should find a way to market this to more kids. These kids then became the perfect testers for our app.

Joseph: My inspiration for Word Wheel came from hearing Susan talk about all sorts of projects and crafts that she did with the kids she worked with. As a developer, I have been involved in many areas of software. After some thought, we found that I could concentrate my development on creating apps that leveraged her experience and knowledge of educating children.  Thus, Word Wheel was born!

What is your favorite aspect of the app?

Susan: I absolutely adore the cute and colorful pictures that Lucia illustrated for us, especially all of the animal images. I love how the interface is easy to use and perfectly designed for little fingers.

Joseph: One of my favorite aspects is an intangible one.  Susan’s work with children enabled us to beta test our app through its development cycle on our target audience. We were able to get incredibly valuable feedback to improve Word Wheel. This is the reason behind our motto, “Kid Tested, Kid Approved”!

 Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Susan and Joseph: We believe that it’s always beneficial to have a parent sit down with their child upon the first visit to an app. We feel that with that initial guidance, children can get the most out of an app’s experience. We hope you enjoy Word Wheel: Short Vowels as much as we enjoyed building it!

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