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Max&MerridethIt’s clear from the start that this book app for kids belongs high on the list of recommendations to elementary teachers, special-ed teachers, parents, and caregivers.  Max & Meredith: The Search for Percival is presented to us by Move On Pluto LLC. These developers have included many opportunities to enhance confidence and critical thinking skills.

The Search for Percival is a wonderful tool that can playfully introduce kids to the whole concept of decision making.  Adults have a chance to join in and discuss the results of each decision and the consequences. The resulting dialogue can have a very positive impact on your kid’s problem-solving skills.

Percival is Max’s pup and he is missing. Max enlists Meredith to help in the search. At each juncture,  there are choices to be made.  Each choice takes kids on a new and interesting path filled with music, creativity, building facts, and life skills. There are eight unique storylines, each with its own lessons. The book app can be used with adults reading or the narration on for kids to explore on their own.

This app is ad free and kid-safe. Be sure to check out the videos below and experience the overall top-notch artwork, soundtrack, and narration. The developers took care to minimize distractions on each page and maximize the educational value.

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Meet The Developers!

devWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

The two of us grew up together and have collaborated on creative endeavors for as long as we’ve known each other: writing stories together in elementary school, starting a rock band in high school, and so on ever since.  When we each became fathers of young children who read voraciously, it was only natural to shift our creative efforts to early literacy.At the outset, we aimed to bring interactive narrative to picture books while keeping the story absolutely central, as inviting young readers to drive the plot through meaningful choices provides a new level of engagement not available in traditional picture books.  Along the way, we recognized we could further facilitate story engagement and comprehension through multimedia elements (like animations, music, and sound effects), while avoiding interactive elements that can distract (like hotspots).

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

We love how Max & Meredith invites kids to make meaningful decisions and experience the consequences.  The story presents two characters who tackle problems in diverse ways: Max is the brainy yet cautious one, while Meredith is the fearless leader, ready to rush into action to tackle a problem head-on.  With the ability to make different decisions each time, kids learn there’s more than one way to handle a problem – though the consequences may differ!

We’re also quite partial to the music.  We’ve found kids (and some adults) can’t resist singing along.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

While quality educational apps are valuable for independent learning, we encourage parents also to read Max & Meredith with their children.  Max & Meredith provides a unique opportunity for grownups and kids to jointly engage in decision-making – though be prepared for kids to have the final say!

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