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Imagine more presence and harmony in your kids at home and in the classroom! The meditations in this app are used in schools in Denmark and getting great results! Meditation can help our young ones to  calm down and improve focus and concentration. In our overstimulated environment today, kids need to relax as much as parents and teachers.

The Mindfulness for Children app can be used for daily relaxation for all of our kids. If you are dealing with ADHD, this app can be a priceless tool. Kids will love learning that they can have an impact on their well-being, calm down, and get more out of life.

Doctors can be inclined to prescribe more and more medications when our kids encounter social anxieties and their health-related symptoms. That can become a lifelong practice.  In many cases all that is needed is a quiet room, a soothing voice to guide them, and the sounds of nature to soothe stresses away. This is a practice that can carry them along a smoother path throughout life.

As you will hear in the videos below, the narration and sounds are high quality. A calm and reassuring voice guides the way to a completely relaxed state of mind and body. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate when introducing this concept to kids. You might listen together in the beginning. It is suggested that you allow openings to dialogue while letting kids decide how this impacts them, on their own. The videos are only clips from the full meditations that range from 5 to 24 minutes long. There are 4 versions of the Goodnight meditation. These are enhanced with various sounds from nature. Sounds include waves, birds, forest sounds and streams.

Parents: There is an option to see more meditations when you open the app. Please check out our Parent Section at the top of the page for videos with tips to be sure you are doing the buying 🙂 Don’t miss the developer interview below! Learn of their reasoning behind the app and other suggestions.

Teachers: See if this is something that would enhance your classroom experience. It’s also a great app to recommend to parents as a resource for life.

Any ads on the videos are due to the developer’s copyright on the audio recordings & not the practice of this site.

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Here’s A Bonus For Our Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers:

Below you will find a very helpful link! Natural Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies is a site that is chock full of wonderful healthy lifestyle information.

In addition to some great reading, there is a free 12 minute guided meditation to try and a free Meditation Kit Download link. Please check it out. The better we care for ourselves, the better we can be there for our  loved ones 🙂

Using Guided Meditation For Anxiety

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