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Parents and Caregivers always want to give kids empowering tools for life. How Do You Know? is one of those tools. HowDoYouKnow
This app is helping kids to engage in and enhance critical thinking skills via pictures and questions. This process is a solid confidence builder for your kids. Learning and strengthening these skills can enrich all aspects of their lives.
The pictures are well chosen and easy to identify in a social situation. There are over 500 pictures and 10 different categories.
How Do You Know? was developed by a certified speech-language pathologist with over 28 years of clinical experience in child language and communication development. You can’t go wrong with her heartfelt enthusiasm for her chosen field.
Check out the videos to see the ease of setting up profiles, levels, and emailing reports. The ‘Let’s Talk About It’ segment is shown as well. When chosen, the answers aren’t there – opening the door to more dialogue. This can be a  key to an understanding of what is relevant and what is not. ‘Read To Me’ can be turned off as well, allowing for reading practice.
Parents and Teachers will appreciate the positive reinforcement with each answer, as well as the gentle nudge when an answer is incorrect. This is demonstrated in the videos as well.

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Meet The Developer!

lynn-blue-shirtWhat was the initial inspiration for the app?

The inspiration for How Do You Know? app came from my clients being able to answer varied  “wh” questions (who, what, where, when)  but then unable to explain how they knew the answer.

Me:  “You are right?  How did you know that was a mailman? “ 

Client:   “Because I do!”

It became clear that the bigger lesson was teaching verbal reasoning skills so they can explain how they know what they know.  So using my 25 years of clinical experience as a speech language pathologist, I decided to invent a strategy and materials to help them.  5 years later…..TADA!  How Do You Know? app was published.

My favorite part:

I wanted to create an app that included features that would make it easy to use for parents, educators and students to use. How Do You Know? includes many handy features like detailed progress reports that can be emailed, audio and sound cues and a “read to me” option.   With 500 pictures and over 10 categories, How Do You Know? provides a lot of content.

After the app was out for a year, I revised it to include a section called “Let’s Talk About It”. Let’s Talk About It!  can be used as a tutorial to front load new vocabulary, concepts and explicitly teach how to make inferences.  Or you can use the Let’s Talk About It!  section to add difficulty.  This section has a manual scoring and can be used for pre/post- test.

With the changes to core curriculum standards in the areas of speaking and verbal reasoning skills, that require students to explain, identify key details and relevant information, How Do You Know? is a great tool to practice all these skills.

Anything else you’d like to share?

How Do You Know? is an effective teaching tool for many populations.   This app can be used with regular education and special needs students.  Therapists have used this app with second language learners and patients recovering from stroke and brain injury (TBI).  

How Do You Know? app is a member of Moms with Apps and  the Know What’s Inside Program.  So you won’t be bothered by in-app purchases or distracting, annoying ads.   We are big on privacy so we don’t share any information.

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