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SnotandFluffSnot and Fluff are friends. Snot is adventurous and loves new experiences. Fluff loves to stay home and share time with his friend.  At first, Snot & Fluff may get some giggles from your little ones due to the title. You’ll soon find that they are totally enthralled by this enticing tale of friendship and loyalty. Their travels are filled with dozens of entertaining characters and outrageous fun.

The graphics and narration are top notch. The game within this tale will provide hours of entertainment! This is a tale of friendship that spans the galaxy.

There are 88 hidden stars to be discovered. Use your stars to unlock a secret room at the end of the story.

Snot & Fluff is presented to us by OhNoo Studio.  This studio also brought us  Amelia and Terror of the Night | A Tale of Loyalty.  You can find that review here by using our search feature.

You will see the quality right away in the sample videos below. The app is kid-safe and free of outside ads.

Snot Wants To Travel!

Meet The Sleepy Sages!

Fluff Feels Abandoned!

Meet Queen Jelly and Princess Candy!

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Meet The Developer!

SnotDevWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

Actually, my own parents :). The main characters Snot and Fluff are equivalent to them. My Mother is Snot – who likes to travel and try new things and Fluff is definitely my Father – conservative homebody. I always wanted them to travel together and to share the experience. It never worked out. But in fairy tales everything is possible so I made it happen.

I also wanted to make a story that is more than full of characters. Two is not enough! Every page should have new animals and creatures – let’s be bold with it!
I imagined that with all that abundance it will give kids best time ever and some free and quality time for their parents. really hope it worked!

What is your favourite aspect of your app?

I’m not sure any of us can be objective right now 🙂
But what is best that You can’t be bored by it! It’s just not possible.
There is so much to click, touch and check. We put all our hearts and power to make it as detailed as we could. Sounds are perfect and all the narrators did such great job in reading the story. Even I’m finding now and then something new – who doesn’t like surprises?
Oh, and we just got Editors Choice award from Children’s Technology portal.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
We would like to thank all the parents and most of all their kids for loving our game book. We are getting pictures of kids playing it and that is the best payment we can get for almost 2 years of hard work.
We promise You a long time of great fun!

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