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OutLineOut-line™ Squares & Row is presented to us by Clay Pot Software. This is an enticing new game to get those little brains cooking on focus and logic! The app is designed for one or two players, If you choose one player you will be playing against the computer. The drive is on when competition comes into play and this developer put the app together very well!

The videos below will demonstrate the options, settings, and more. The actual games videos were based on the beginner setting so that you can gauge what level is best for your younger kids.  Getting through the levels becomes more challenging and kids love it! This is a super app for enhancing strategy and tactics – a gift for life on earth! A Great app for Teachers to use for reward time to enhance many of the skills that are critical to easing into success!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Out-LineDEVMeet The Developer!

It all started when I saw a Dots & Boxes game on the internet and I remembered playing the game with a classmate when I was in elementary school, using paper and pencil. Dots & Boxes was one of the games that help develope my logical thinking; and I wondered if I could improve it and make it better after more than 100 years. And that I certainly did, but surprisingly, I also improved the classic Row game by combining it to the improved Dots & Boxes.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

My favorite aspect of Out-line Squares & Row is to be able to play two classic abstract strategy games at the same time. With some simple tweaks, Out-line offers additional new challenges that requires new tactics and strategies that enhanced the fun of playing and development of logical skills. Out-line offers more ways of acquiring squares and row, in a more competitive way, compare to Dots & Boxes and any In a Row game.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Kids love to play and they need activities that are not only fun but activities that will give them a strong foundation in life. And I think introducing kids to play abstract strategy games provides very important benefits. We made Out-line Squares& Row enhanced the development of logical thinking and gives kids, and adults alike,  the fun of two classic games in a new way. Out-line also supports one player where you will be challenged to find a way to defeat the early stage computer. If you like Out-line Squares & Row, please support us, rate us at the App Store, like us on Facebook, Twitter and send us your comments.


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