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SpellingBugSpelling Bug:Word Match and Coloring is the perfect classroom and caregiver app to provide your kids with a boost in spelling!

You are able to personalize games by deciding which clues you want to match on each card, the number of cards, and the word list.  You can match pictures, words, shapes, and sounds. This covers all the bases for retention! Have fun creating new match games.

A nice bonus to personalize this app is the Custom List. Add words and Record a clue. Choose words that will give your kids an edge. When you record, say the word or give a hint, or both – see videos below. Kids will love recording their own voices too.  Check out all the words in Essential Words, 1st Grade Words, and 2nd Grade Words and Easter Words.

Progress is recorded in Settings. As kids play and win they hatch more buglings and gather coins. Move on to coloring time and save those buggy creations. This is a memory matching word game designed by teachers with fun and learning in mind.

With no worries about ads or in app purchases, and great educational content, this app is a sound choice for your kid’s toolbox for life 🙂

Try The Essential List!

A Second Grade List Match Game!

Let’s Color!

Add Words To Custom List!

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Meet The Developer!


What was the initial inspiration for your app?

I’m a specialized remedial teacher. My driving force has always been to find different teaching methods to help kids who have not flourished in the traditional classroom setting. When I chat to kids in my learning clinics I always tell them: “I know you are having a hard time learning (X) in school. We will find a better way for you to learn the tricky things that you did not understand in class.” I know kids learn best when they have fun. This app is an excellent example of how real learning can be facilitated in a playful way.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

The absolute best feature about this app is that kids can add their words from school! I’m stoked that my app makes homework painless! Remember the school nights you, as a child had to spend with your mother around the kitchen table? Remember how you had to copy the list of words over and over? If your mom was like mine, you could only stop if you got them all right when she tested you. This app eliminates painful spelling homework!

To add to the customization, kids record their own voice, too! And the personalization doesn’t even stop there. All the little custom features in the app truly makes the game each kid’s own.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We are a small team thriving on feedback. We really enjoy making games and love it when kids have fun with it. We are always interested to hear what you have to say. Whether they are ideas you would like to share or just wanted to poke in to say “Hello”… Just drop in on our Facebook or twitter page (@ACEedutainment) and we will get our crayons out to write you a lovely reply. =)

Best Regards,

ACE Edutainment Apps Ltd.

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