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mtafamilyThe folks at My Toddlers App, LLC, have created their own ‘family’ of apps that you are going to want to check out for your tots. As your toddler’s parent or caregiver, you know them better than anyone. You know what makes them feel safe, secure, and happy. When they feel that way, they thrive.

The featured app, MTA Family, keeps you in 1st place as your kid’s teacher and allows you to include everyone (including pets) in an app that becomes similar to a family tree – personalized for your tot. I’m sure you can imagine your little one’s face when they see your image and hear your voice. They may think you’re a famous personality 😉  That works!

This would be a fun exercise over the holidays. With family visiting, there may be even more opportunities to allow them to participate with the personalization.

Given the security that comes with familiarity, this is an excellent choice for special needs kids as well. Parents, this app  also makes for  a great holiday gift for that favorite teacher.

Teachers: Note that there are no limits on additions to the ‘family’. This makes it possible for you to create your own Pre or Pre-K Classroom Family, possibly as a project, preserving the memories of all of your charges, up to and including assistants and volunteers. Consider having the kids record prewritten messages, which makes that segment a reading lesson, spelling session, etc.

The following videos were provided by the developer, a grandfather with a desire to keep family first, even in technology.  Be sure to check out his interview below.

There are no ads or in-app purchases in MTA Apps.

Step by Step – Easy Setup Instructions

(If you’re new to personalization you can use this video, and pause or restart it as you set up Your Family)

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MTA Reader!

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Meet The Developer!

devWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

I am a retired mechanical engineer and as such, I help my wife babysit two of our granddaughters. The oldest started using an iPad at the age of 2 and I could not believe how she mastered navigating the apps and menus. The apps she used always included some kind of cartoon character as the teacher. This got me thinking that wouldn’t it be great if the parents and other family members could be the teachers on the iPad. So I took some on-line courses and started to code. My granddaughter was my first beta tester. Every time I saw her she asked to see the newest APP! So little Nora was my inspiration.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

The first time I saw my granddaughter use the FAMILY app and she was presented with her Mommy’s photo and heard her Mommy say “Hi Nora I love you, Mommy is spelled M-o-m-m-y” , her reaction was priceless. I am hoping that other families can get that same experience. In very short order our Nora was spelling everyone’s name. So I guess my favorite aspect of the app is that it opens up the audio-visual tool box of the iPad to the parents so they can create and be part of their toddlers learning experience.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

 We’ve all seen a toddler clinging to their parent’s leg when exposed to new surroundings. We are all born with a fear of the unknown and toddlers instinctively seek safety and comfort from their family.

We are also all born with curiosity. Curiosity is the driver of optimal learning, which leads to exploring, discovery, practice and mastery, which in turn leads to pleasure and confidence. The result being an eagerness to learn more.

Unfortunately, curiosity is quickly stopped in place by fear in toddlers. That’s why family involvement in early childhood development is so critical. Only the family in their role as the 1st teacher can provide the nurturing and sense of safety required by a toddler to unleash their curiosity.

My Toddlers App’s, are the only app’s that keep the family as the 1st teacher on the iPad. Our App’s make it as easy as posting to Facebook for the family to customize, create and host the content. Best of all, none of your content gets posted to the web.

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