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grandpastoyFairlady Media has provided us with yet another great app for kids! Kids love to shop at least as much as we do but this app gives them a complete package as they become the t0y designers and work in the shop. Our little entrepreneurs will get a clear picture of how the whole process works and loads of fun, creative time with Grandpa’s Toy Shop.
There are ten different types of toys to create and personalize. Those toys will be featured in the shop at ‘Opening’ time. After the toys are created, kids use the price list to price them accurately, help customers to find them and have a fairly busy day. Kids will help with the checkout process and sweep up the shop and then it’s time to make more toys 🙂
Parents: Consider a gift package of Fairlady Media apps for that special teacher. Use our search box to find other Fairlady media video app reviews. The easiest way – just search for Grandma or Grandpa. Fairlady Media apps always have a valuable lesson, be it life skills or academic, and it’s usually a blend of both. There are no in-app purchases and the link for parents to view other Fairlady apps is protected. Check out the videos below for a sample of the apps features:

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Meet The Developers!

conniejamesWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

Our kids have always loved to play pretend toy store, complete with designing their own unique toys to sell, a cash register, and happy customers 🙂 We thought they (and other children) would love to have this experience on an iPad with Grandpa!
What is your favorite aspect of your app?
Our favorite scenes are the cash register where the children can make goofy noises with special keys on the cash register and designing all the different toys.
Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Grandpa’s Toy Shop is currently themed for Christmas, so make sure you have your children and grandchildren play with it before we switch it to a normal year-round toy store in January!

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