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Blackfish Children’s Books – Bedtime Lite Apps Customizable Kids Free Interactive Stories HD ia presented to us by Customizabooks LLC. This book app format and its’ storage will rock your book app experience! I had such a ball customizing a book and thinking of my grandsons’ joy to see he is the Star of the book. It doesn’t stop there, pick their friends, their animals, their world, and let your imagination run wild! The following videos are of 4 of the free books downloadable via the Free Blackfish format, which is in the buy button below. Hold on because this developer is a visionary and the whole process is about to get crazy better! I couldn’t imagine it better, he can. Take a bow Tom – you deserve it!

Customization of books, when our kids do it, empowers them. It empowers Parents and caregivers, the best ones to see what their kids need, to customize a book to resolve a conflict, chase away a fear, or reinforce a wonderful memory for them! Kids also begin to see the possibilities and may well become budding authors or developers! Either way, it is quite a self esteem and creativity boost! There are entirely to many features to cover here but you will see many in the videos. This is a must Have Free App! Fantastic Free Purchase for Teachesr with Creativity and Empowering Kids in Mind!

I’m Scared! Customized for Aiden! No Scary Stuff 🙂

Christmas Count and Click!

3D A to Z!!

Count n Click Animals-Then Customize to Objects!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

This is a great question for us, as it has been a fun journey how we started from a small niche project to something that we feel can fundamentally change kids books. A few years back, my son Will was scared of a dinosaur he saw on TV. We had a few nights where he couldn’t sleep, and I had the idea of telling him a story about a child named Will who went on an adventure with a Dinosaur (named Harvey). It ends up the dinosaur was more scared of him than he was of it, and they became friends and went on an adventure together. The story worked like a charm, and he was asleep in minutes. It’s a great trick for parents.

In the meantime, I was founder and CEO of a company that made the world’s first consumer 3D touch device. It allows you to have a very realistic sense of touch using your computer, to a level that we can simulate virtual surgical procedures. I raised over $30 million, and did licensing deals on over 100 video games including AAA video games with companies like Electronic Arts (Tiger Woods Golf, Madden Football, Need for Speed, etc, which we then published for our hardware platform). I merged the company with another company, and the CEO of the other company became the CEO of the merged company – it was time for my brother and I to move on to our next project.
In looking for our next project, we thought an app version of the story that I told my son to help him with his fears, would be a great side project. After building the first app, we realized the potential of the market as a whole. We submitted patents on hundreds of concepts and began to build the company to become a leader in the field. We took over 20 years combined experience in the games industry, and applied our technological expertise towards developing what we feel is the most sophisticated book engine on the market. We’re excited at the potential ahead of us and all of the market changes that are creating enormous opportunity right now.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

At our core, we’re technologists, so the technology is exciting. There is a lot under the hood to make complicated concepts seem straightforward and simple. It is compelling to be applying the technology to such a fun industry as kids books. Who doesn’t like kids books! We have enjoyed reading many books to our kids for years, so it is satisfying to be in the book industry and working with great authors and publishers.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We have big ambitions, and we’re always looking for partners. We’d love to hear from people who want to turn their book into a great digital app. We’re also looking into creating a consortium of book app developers to try and together rise above the noise and be able to be noticed over the big brands that are dominating the app store. You can reach us at if you’d like to get in touch and explore working with us.


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