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greenridinghoodIt’s no wonder that Green Riding Hood is an award-winning app. The developer’s twist on this tale is heartwarming and filled with adorable characters. No fears here, making this a great bedtime story.

In this book app Grandma is a yoga instructor and the wolf’s plans are foiled at every turn. The themes are friendship, yoga, and healthy living. Mini-games are included as well as Grandma’s Recipe Book. Check out the videos below for a preview.

There are 11 languages to choose from. That’s a great way to introduce second or third language options for your kids. The page selector will help kids get back to where they left off or revisit a favorite part of the story.

This app is kid-safe and third party ad free.  It’s a pleasure to listen to the narration by Alistair Findlay — the voice of the Nighty Night apps series that is loved by kids all around the world! Green Riding Hood is presented to us by Bobaka LLC. and makes a great  addition to your kid’s toolbox for life.

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Meet The Developer! (It’s in the works)

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