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dancewaterThis app is a magical experience.  It’s clear that the folks at MagisterApps have an inside line on a kid’s imagination.

Water drops become musicians and singers, while  dishes, pots, and pans become musical instruments.  All of this is done with beautiful graphics and very sweet narration. The app offers narration in 11 different languages, providing a wonderful opportunity to introduce kid’s to them.

This app is ad free and kid-safe. It’s compatible withiPhone, iPad and iPod.  You can also play with the Little Water Drops on Apple TV.  The link in the app to other MagisterApps is under a parent gate. Check out the videos below to get a feel for the value in this app.

The Dance of the Little Water Drops is perfect for bedtime and a great idea for Christmas gifts for the other little ones in your life 🙂 We highly recommend this app as an addition to your kid’s Toolbox for Life!

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 Meet The Developer!

devWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?
The application comes from a reverse process.
First, the soundtrack was created.
This soundtrack was given to a writer. Following the inspiration and excitement that came from the soundtrack, he wrote the story “The dance of the droplets.”
From the story and the music,  the app was created.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?
The thing that I love most is the consistency that emerged from music to story and then to the games. They will stimulate the kids to see the music differently, also from the noise, may arise a melody !

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
We tried to create an application that is fun and educational at the same time. Thousands of children have been satisfied, and this is what most gratifies us!

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