On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects



Follow along and let The Cat in the Hat  lead as you learn all about insects. See how these fascinating six-legged creatures, from butterflies and crickets to fireflies and honeybees, inhabit our environment and make everything better for the world around us. This app is a great way for kids to learn how interconnected we all are!

Learn how insects see, smell, communicate and pollinate. There are information cards from Thing 1 and Thing 2 containing facts about the insect world. Tap around to learn even more!  On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects is presented to us by Oceanhouse Media – A leader in early education! This is a perfect Teacher Tool!

 Ready To Learn About Bugs?!

 Info From Thing 1 and 2!

 Fun Bug Facts!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet Oceanhouse Media!

Oceanhouse Media has been blessing lives for a long time and covering a vast population. From kids apps to self help books to spirituality topics, they do it right! Below are some of the standard features in their kids book apps and there is nothing standard about OM!

To promote reading in young children, individual words are highlighted as the story is read and words zoom up when pictures are touched. By combining the original text and artwork of Dr. Seuss with features that entertain and promote reading, this omBook appeals to readers of all ages.

Three ways to read this omBook (Oceanhouse Media digital book):
★ “Read to Me” — listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read
★ “Read it Myself” — read the book in its traditional form
★ “Auto Play” — plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages. Great for younger children!

Additional Features:
★ Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched & pages pan and zoom
★ Individual words highlight and are read aloud when tapped
★ Professional audio narration
★ Custom background audio for each scene
★ This ‘Universal App’ is optimized for Retina displays and the iPad

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