BroadwayBarks – An App & A Great Cause! Holiday Style!


This story has all the wintery touches and a warmth flows from the characters as you read along. Kids can tap away throughout the book and help Douglas get ready for his stage act. This is a story about love, compassion  kindness, and responsibility.  Books can do so many things! The reading of this book, seeing and hearing the words pronounced, will strengthen your kids’ vocabulary. It will also open their hearts with compassion for animals! As the perfect Christmas Gift it is Perfectly Discounted to .99 for the holiday season.

BroadwayBarks is presented to us by CJ Educations, one fantastic development team. Once again they have brought Douglas to life in a book app that is written, narrated, and sung by one of my favorite actresses! Bernadette Peters brings life to this as she does the real live event! Broadway Barks is an animal charity event founded by Bernadette Peters in 1999 to promote the adoption of shelter animals.

I support her in her cause in only getting pets from shelters and mine have been blessings in my life for years. I don’t think I picked my pups, I know they were meant to be with me!

Poor Douglas Lives in A Park!

Biscuits Work For Douglas!

Douglas is Getting Nervous!

Help Douglas Get Ready For The Show!

Kramer’s New Room!

Kramer’s Song!


This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

We are all dog and cat lovers. Having time with animal friends is always a great joy. When we saw the original picture book by the Bernadette Peters, we immediately fell in love with this heartwarming story of a lonely dog, Douglas. As we loved the beautiful artwork, and exceptional storytelling and song by the author, we tried our best to keep the ‘look and feel’ of the original book. At the same time, we tried to bring more life and joy to the story to readers of all ages. We tried to make even the youngest readers to be able to follow through Douglas’ emotional changes from the loneliness, the stage fright, happiness with Isabel, and the comfort in the bedtime by aligning all the sound effects, animations and interactive features.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

We love the Reading Features and Kramer’s Song, but we have special attachment to Showtime. In this feature, children can put fashion items on Douglas to help him sing and dance on the Broadway Barks show. It makes a fun after-reading activity that little children can enjoy! We’ve released Christmas exclusive version of this, with an all-new look for Douglas who will dance to the holiday tune.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We truly care about abandoned animals and hope that our app can contribute, even a little, to raise awareness. With the happy ending of the story, we hope that readers can think about adopting and supporting sheltered animals. Also we can learn to love and take care of animals in general! We hope all readers can, at the same time enjoy our app with family and pet friends. We’re especially happy to see the smiles of children who love our app. Happy holiday to you all!


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